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IsraHell's concentration camp

On Tuesday, August 12, I joined over 60 international peace workers and over 200 residents of the West Bank town of Qalqilia to protest Israel's construction of a 25 foot high concrete apartheid wall. In Qalqilia, the wall circles for 7 miles, completely sealing off the town. During the march from the civic center to the wall, children flew kites with ribbons the color of the Palestinian flag. Women's groups carried signs demanding the release of their husbands and sons being held as political prisoners. Young men carried signs with messages such as: "Learn from history: Welcome to the Qalqilia Concentration Camp."

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You are ignorant, stupid and liar.
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my god. i am so sorry for them. you are such an inspiring person. i wish the world would end this madnass of war and strife. man is the cancer of this planet. i pray to god that these people's suffering is eased, and the men are set free. keep protesting someone may listen someday. great artwork.
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yes, they made me so mad because the repeat the same things with us, thanks for your lines

a person from qalqilia
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i wish i could have been there, our world is so fucked up. Man fuck the us government and now that arafat is dead things are just going to get worse for palestine. Anti semetism is horrible but its ok for them to go into ubran palestinian areas in apache's and kill hundred or even thousands of innocent people.
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Really nice work! (Hate the Israeli goverment like hell)
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Sad, but true...

Nice work and gook luck to the Palestins
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keeping doing your thing latuff... your art is relentless and impacting.
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The wall circles around a palastinian town or does it seal isreal off from them like I was told?
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either way, Palestine is inside a huge prison man. Israel surounds us by every side. so its just a huge prison. and BTW it doesnt stop at Israeli annexes more palestinian land.
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WHAT Palestinian land? Show me when your people actually OWNED the land, show me the society and the government YOUR people put there. Look hon, you're obviously historically deprives. SO watch this film called Six Days in June it takes a great and neutral look at the war. The name Palestine was given to the region by the Romans and the areas you want as part of your country were never yours. Before Israel East Jerusalem belonged to Jordan and before that it was the British and before that it was the Ottoman Empire.
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Some disturbing parallels definitely exist in this situation. I'm reminded of one of your previous works relating the oppression of Jews by the Nazi's to the Palestinian plight. I believe it was one of the works in the "I am Palestinian" series. Again, terrific work.
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May God Allah help them

Nice work :)
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freekishly good!
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