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Islamic Resistance in Iraq

By Latuff2
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Islam is literal cancer. It must be annihilated.
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For the record, the U.S. hasn't lost a single Abrams tank since they rolled out on the battlefeild.
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u know nothing....

100s in iraq same in afghan,..

by the way if US has't lost any abrams in war,... what about troops ...... 

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They don't come with air conditioning, so heatstroke is a serious problem inside one of those beautiful behemoths.
And yes we have lost a significant number of soldiers. 

However, Its still an impressive piece of equipment.
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you are fighting afghan more then 11yr,... and still not able to down them... what a shame

they afghan have only old war fighting stuffs, and yours every thing is modern and heavy
with all type of fighter jets tanks bombs missiles 

how many countries troops with you fighting against afghan,  more then 16 countries troops against 1 poor country, 

they take your economy down,.. count how many banks, big company is closed in US  :D (Big Grin) 
and till now closing...

you are living in dream,.... wake up Mr. wake up
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The situation is more complicated than that and you know it. We don't have the luxury of fighting snipers like this in evacuated urban areas, they hide amongst the crowds of innocent civilians. Regular American soldiers in Iraq are used to taking guard shifts these days, with a patrol here and there, and deactivating any IEDs left by Insurgents. I don't recall hearing any major offensives in the news recently.

Yes we're losing, because we can't just start bombing or send in some drone strikes every time find the location of a known Al-Quida operative. If you want my opinion, we shouldn't be wasting our time with such a conflict. All we're doing is inspiring more insurgents to rise up for every one we kill.

They say we're there to protect the Oil, but I don't think its worth it. If we could find a way to extract oil in Alaska without completely destroying the landscape up there, we would stop all operations in the middle east that don't involve Israel. The Middle East is a massive clusterfuck, and will always be a clusterfuck as long as there are muslims, Jews, and Christians lay claim to the Gaza Strip as their Holy Land, there will be religious Zealots willing to kill those who live there, and those who support them.

We made the mistake of putting an oppressive ruler on the throne in Iran during the 80's, and giving the Jews their own country after WW2.
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That's good.
The best protection for our.
Ehm... islamic resistence looks different. Whole stacks of suicide bomber victims mostly muslims, civilians. Muslims were not able to fight the west soldier to soldier for about 200 years. Civilian deaths and public opinion is their most used weapon now.
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thats coool.i signed in just to fav this pic!
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Representing the extreme right wing psychopathic fascist theocrats of al Qaeda and similar groups verus the Americans trying to create a democratic system in Iraq. Religion is the problem.
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and who create alqaeda
who train osama to fight USSR..

arab..! or N Korea or maybe india,......

no they not

US gov. and cia... 
alqaeda is nothing other then cia's 2nd face

" al Qaeda " and "the Americans trying to create a democratic system in Iraq"
... posted in 20/11/2010 . i can't believe people still believe such crap .
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because alqaeda is nothing other then cia's 2nd face

kolish 7iloo
Another day closer to alYoum ilQyammah...
...Satan and his servants wish to make all of mankind into consumers... to love and work for adDunya... rasoolullah(saws) predicted the Muslims toward The Day will have little knowledge of adDeen and love the Dunya (this life) and hate the thought of death and revile at the thought of the meeting with God...
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Mr. Latuff, how could you write callygraphy? You learn it? :wow:
man just wait n ull all see iraw rise once again
all we need is patience and hope and ull see it rise
yah rub!!!!!:floating:
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mashallah . beautiful drawing.
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very, very powerful.
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it`s great draw ..
thanks our supporter & friend Latuff

the Iraqi resistance office of jaami

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