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Iraq War stork

High-resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]
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So sad but true, well implemented !
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Parabéns. Desenho com grande carga simbólica...quer a guerra, a ideia de presente, a ideia de natal, tudo.
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according to wiki as of 2010...

USA deaths = 3,771
Muslim Terrorist deaths = 23,984
muslim civilian dead = 66,081

100,000 muslim dead for sacrificing 4,000 americans.

sounds like a massacre to me!!!
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this is a great drawing, and the message behind it is soo moving. god bless our soldiers and all the innocent people that have died because of this war.
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Very true and sad...
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awesome concept :drunk:
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like vietnam!!!!
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Well done...I'd like to see the stork being a bit more skeletal and/or singed though.
Great work! keep em commin...

greetz, Oldgamer
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That's biting....

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well! iraquis are not having fun in this war....
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Wait, is this support for this asinine war?
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No, it's commentary. Decidedly anti-war (or pro-live-baby?) in my opinion. Wouldn't want this bird visiting house.
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I, for on, hate the useless, pointless war.
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Rel straight to the point, nice work...sad but ..good
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What a joke...really love it!
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Dude, I don't think that this is meant to be funny.
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I meant the drawing,the way u sketch those skeletal bone head..not the message behind it!..i know wht u mean,sorry if i make u mizundrstood things!
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It's all good. That makes sense.
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Much love to what the picture points out about war for sure. Depressing, but it's pretty much true. Nice work...
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really well done. I love the symbolism you used to create he message.
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Wow. No metaphoric additives of any kind, pretty blunt and possessive of a message worth sending. Me like ^_^ awesome work
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