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Iraq Death Toll

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A recent study carried out by a UK polling firm says that more than a million Iraqi civilians have been killed due to violence since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.
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Cosmic--ChaosHobbyist General Artist
Propaganda, much? Civilians die, it's unfortunate, but it's the cost of a reckless war. ...What, do you think we're happy about it?! Guess again. :X
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I believe that's bull shit. Millions? That's a little much. It happens, but nothing can be done about it. Would you rather have your soldiers dead, or civilians?
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I fucking hate Uncle Sam! I fucking hate your country, and everything in it! You civillians will never know peace. They will only know war and catastrophy!!! You label Al-Queda as a terrorrist organization, blame the Iraq public and the muslim religion, and kill their women and children for this stupid shit about the "American dream." Your leaders are shit, your flag is shit, and your faces are all SHIT!! You can label me as an extremist all you want, but the fact remains, If anyone is the evil, villinous, back stabbers here, it's you! Your all a fucking slug-brained nation of idiots, and you can all burn in hell for all I care! This is my opinion, and If you have something to say against it, fuck you! سنقاوم الاميركيين الخاص بك الشر والطغيان!
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Cosmic--ChaosHobbyist General Artist
Says the psycho with the Soviet flag. The most oppressive evil empire in the world. Think about that :X
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Neden Interface Designer
The US had no business even going to IRAQ!
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PorcelainPoetHobbyist Photographer

When will it end......
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Hopefully in 2009.
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PorcelainPoetHobbyist Photographer
Unless Bush declares a state of emergency before then, putting him into a dictatorship position......
that's worst case scenario... he signed something, the name of it slipped my mind. But it's named after the very same thing Hitler signed.....
it means martial law, police state, border closure... anything and everything they want.
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It figures. The general state of the country has crumbled to such a point that military contractors and armed forces can engage any target without provocation or much fear of punishment.
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