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Greece and IMF B

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Cartoon originally produced for Greek newspaper "Dromos".
High resolution version here: [link]
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Haha,   go Germany!
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Good stuff :)
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a recent study showed that ever since the IMF and Troi8ka came to Greece things have only gotten worse.
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what is "ant"?!
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ΔΝΤ Greek enitials for IMF. First letter is the Delta ( Δ )
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Hey they were looted by Goldman sacks and the IMF that use debt to control and rob countries.

Dump the Euro
NO to Global Government
NO to the New Word Order
Bring the banks too justice for their crimes
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it's really sad for us all how some people are getting richer and richer with every "crisis".

Good art as always :)
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WolfGrinHobbyist Photographer
They only got them self to blame, they deserve no pity for digging that hole they now have fallen into.
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the world don't give a dam those south east asia nation during 1997 financial crisis.

why they should give a pity to Greece now?
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You drew Angela Merkel? :D Nice Picture of our female chancellor =D xP

I like her mindless Look - like she is no daydreaming or Stuff x3
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RitualistHobbyist Digital Artist
Sad thing to say - average Greek that protests on streets and pubs one day, will be put in his place the next day by his wife and send to work - where he'll do what he has been doing before the crisis.

For less money of course.

But still, kids need to be feed.
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