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Ghosts of Pripyat

In memory of the children of Pripyat, Ukraine, whose lives were abruptly stopped by the tragedy of Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

To know more about the city of Pripyat, abandoned in 1986 following the Chernobyl accident visit: [link]

This artwork was based upon images of Timm Suess: [link]

High resolution version for printing purposes: [link]
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Beautiful and chilling at the same time....
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Muy buen dibujo.

Siento mucha tristeza al verlo
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Even some russian words on the blackboard...
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I love how the Boy and his chair are both transparent; gives a really reflective feel to the title
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I can remember that accident .. radiations dissipated all over the world !!
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mostly over Europe
Ahmedqatar's avatar
True ..the radiations reaches sweden !!
dirtbiker715's avatar
Really? Strange, I must report that to my Uncle, he is a scientist for the US departemnt of defense, they asked my uncle to try find a cure for raditaton sickness and death that's causing too. Thank you for the information.
Ahmedqatar's avatar
It's nothing .. it seem that your uncle is not reading the news !!
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They did not show news in Europe in USA so they have to gather information from people and news.
Ahmedqatar's avatar
If your uncle is REALLY working in the department of defense he should know how big was the explosion !!
dirtbiker715's avatar
Yes it was the second largest explosion he has seen in his life, the first was a atomic bomb. and Yes he is working for the Department of Defense.
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nice work man. by the way . we need tutorials from you.
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nice touch
i like people that don't forget
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