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Fooling the world, again

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Well this joke is just stupid considering Obama has been trying to get peace talk with Iran and has made it very clear that he does not want to invade. 
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Anyone could tell me when exactly was this cartoon published and in what context?? After what announcement by the US for example or a big incident that made Latuff draw this cartoon?
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Allah'ın laneti bu haksızlıkları yapanların üzerine olsun
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Sempre achei essa uma das melhores!
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Yes. Our government continues to lie to us Americans and terrify the world, leaving kids like me to clean up these fat conservative devils' mess. Tell me. Mr. Latuff, how many gallons of each others blood is worth one drop of oil?
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According to the USG (United States Government) One drop of oil = 100 gallons of blood
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Yeah, not that Iran has announced that it has nuclear weapons or anything...
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Yeah, possession of nuke weapon should be a monopoly of the wealthy and righteous nations. Everyone else should live in the grace of our mercy.

Long live the HASBARAT !!!!!
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No. Nuclear weapons should be in the possession of responsible and stable countries. Not in the hands of dictatorships that seek to destroy other nations based on idealism, which is pretty much what Iran is.

I personally think that nukes are ridiculous and that no one should have them. Only in a more perfect world, I suppose.
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I agree, however i think the principle of reciprocity should apply.

Long live the HASBARAT !!!!!
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That's the current US policy- they try to get the unrestricted "right" to military action against any country they "dislike".
US Army military build-ups are for just one thing - to create a force of proportions, not encountered since "glory" days of nazi "wehrmacht"
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i am blown away by your work! i cant find this kind of honesty in any other political cartoons. i wanted so much for obama to be what he said he was.
so, don't get yourself fooled by one single caricaturist.
the line of obama is clear: No nuclear weapons, No War in Iraq and health insurance for every american people. there's no bad thing in that.

The Iran is building nuclear power stations, and is testing long range missiles.
I can understand why the US government want's some economic sanctions against Iran. Sanctions are better than invasions and this is some stuff obama don't want to deal with.

I know that the republicans started a hate campaign against obama, but don't believe every bullshit you hear or read. He definitely is the most intelligent, eloquent and charming president america have seen for a long long time.
Make the best of it, you'll NOT find a better one.
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If you payed attention you'd see that Latuff's is in no way related to the hate campaign that the republicans have been running in the US, in fact he's Brazilian. It's not true that the whole world loves Obama, his policies are almost identical to the early Clinton administration.
I agree he is intelligent, eloquent and charming, but this makes him all the more dangerous because people are more easily swayed to support him in acts of war.

Also, why shouldn't Iran be allowed to have their own nuclear missile program? Until the rest of the 1st world completes nuclear proliferation they have as much of a right as any other sovereign country to build their military power to an equal level. Until we can lead by example we have no right to take action.
I'm also not related to the hate campaigns, 'cause I'm no american.
But this fact doesn't mean I'm not able to record something like this exists. And people are just able to form an opinion based on the things they see and hear. I think Latuff's doing the same. And if you hear "Obama's bad, 'cause he's doing stuff like this or that" you believe it.
I never said the whole world loves him and for sure his policies are almost identical to Clintons, he also is democrat, but where is the horrific part in that?
I personally prefer an intelligent president to a foolish one. What is more dangerous? A president who knows what he's doing or a president who have totally no idea?
Obama want's to end up war. This is a good intention in every way. He also signed a disarmament treaty with Medvedev. And this is a change-over to the Iran.
Why shouldn't Iran be able to have their own nuclear missile program? 'Cause with this weapons people and animals get killed, environment gets contaminated and the people who have no choice but to live in this "dirty" places give birth to malformed, handicapped children. All they leave is death and destruction by just one click on the wrong button. Nuclear weapons are nothing anyone should own and the world definitively doesn't need more of them.
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it's so true...unfortunatelly...
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National security?? Global security?? global terorism??yeah riteee....same sh!t
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I haven't seen a political cartoon since high school history textbook.
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I don't think economic sanctions are a good idea, they just hurt the Iranian people, while the elite are able to get smuggled good from black market sources.

Frankly the US can't do anything about Iran without addressing issues with China and Russia. Obviously some sort of 'gentleman's agreement' would need to be brokered before they will agree to stop doing business in Iran. Economically this agreement would need to outweigh future Russian and Chinese profits in the region.

Once diplomatically isolated, the Iranian nuclear program would be either forced to shut down for lack of materials, or else be delayed for decades.

Above all the US needs to convince the Iranian people that it is not the enemy, and that we sincerely hope that Iran will advance into the future as a non nuclear nation with its own goals and ambitions that we will only interfere in from time to time (call it dabbling) to protect free trade and the rights of US property owners in the region. Oh, and we also want to sell your resources for $.
It is interesting to see how people take these things. I would say that if I had not seen videos of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stating his desire to wipe out other countries once he has obtained the ability to do so, I could care less if Iran began Nuclear development. Now, if the people of Iran can get rid of Ahmadinejad and make sure that any enriched nuclear material isn't going to be used for armament, there should be no reason not to let them.

I really would prefer that humans begin to live in a way that is more harmonious with nature, and reduce our energy dependance so that we wouldn't need to use nuclear power. Unfortunately, I cannot see that happening any time soon.
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the same story all over again, who knows who is next maybe Syria, thank you Latuff
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