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EU and Greece economic crisis

Editorial cartoon for Greek newspaper Dromos: [link]

High resolution version: [link]
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Yup, looks  as it is.
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The joke about all this is, that the german economy is "oh so strong", the only reason why the economy was kept alive over the crisis is that the wages have been lowered and at some point projects got pushed through that allows to force people to work in so called 1-euro jobs. For this they take unemployed people, those receive a amount of unemployment money and when they refuse to work up to 30 hours per week (for 1 euro the hour) they get stripped of the unemployment money. So basically the economy got fat and healthy while even lost their jobs so that the employers could "hire" cheap working slaves. The whole system we have in germany is not meant to get people jobs, it is just to keep them busy and silent.
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how "touching"...
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Greece should be really fat and lazy on this picture - they have spent more than they earn for many years now!
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Greeks didn't do this damage to them selves. The government and the politicians did. Now it's dangerous for them to walk unprotected down the roads cuase people throw eggs and in some cases stomes (would love to see a watermelon)
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It's hard to find a system in which the people are more responsible for who is in charge than in a democracy.

The truth is that every democratic nation has a government it deserves.
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Every nation has a government which more powerful countries place.
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You gave up all the responsibility for your country so you can complain about "more powerful countries".
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WOW you really don't know how most of the time governments are placed. You're more stupid than I thought...
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"You're more stupid than I thought..." is the ultimate argument in a primary school. Congratulations on being right and smart :)
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Yeah well. It still makes you infinatly stupid for not knowing that many governments are elected by superior countries.
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Sorry but Greeks are neither fat, nor lazy. "For instance, maximum weekly working time is clearly set at 48 hours in 15 EU countries – Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia and the UK. However, Germany provides for the same threshold through the combined specification of maximum daily working time and compulsory weekly rest periods. Other Member States indicate a lower upper limit for weekly working time, which is usually 40 hours –Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. An exception in this case is Belgium, where the upper weekly working time is set at 38 hours." [link]

What country are you from again?
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Of course they are neither fat, nor lazy. I was talking about their economy. They were consuming more than they were producing for a long time - they wouldn't be in so much debt otherwise.

You can't be serious about this "maximum weekly working time". It has nothing to do with reality - it only teaches people to cheat. If you have an enterprise, you work 24/7. If you work with your mind your work time is often ridiculously short or long, it's hard to tell. If the market value of your job is below minimum wage you will work harder or longer, because there will be so many eager to get your job and earn more than the market says they deserve. In some jobs people spend half of their time on facebook, but the other half they work well. Work efficiency is also an issue. Soviet Russia had many people working hard, but it was just wasting time because there was no free enterprise.
To sum up: weekly working time is bureaucratic bullsh*t.

I'm from Poland.
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According to Forbes (a study in 2008) Greece comes second in the OECD's rankings with 2,052 hours worked on average each year, and just behind is a trio of Eastern European nations: Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. The U.S. is also above the OECD average of 32 nations, coming at No. 9, with 1,797 hours worked on average each year.
And this is why Denmark did the right thing, by letting the people vote NO to the euro B-)
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The only difference for a country that doesn't have Euro is that no one cares if it goes bankrupt. Germany and others are forced to help Greece because of Euro. Greece without Euro would be left alone with its debts and would probably bankrupt sooner.
I guess Greece would have ended up in this mess anyway, seeing as how they started having debt problems way before joining the euro zone.
Im just appreciating the benefits that comes with having ones own currency, having more control is a usefull asset in difficult times
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It's funny cause it's true :XD:
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nah, it isn't only like this!
We germans have to save now a lot of money after giving so much to greece!
It wasn't easy for us to help.
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greece's own fault. corrupt politicians and civilians. dont pay taxes and receive a pension when they get 60. and now we have to pay for it. how about a "thank you" for our 22 millions?
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How about a "No to bailouts"
Bailouts just puts a country in more debt! Greece should leave the Euro as soon as possible and not be thankful.
Damn undemocratic EU. Glad Norway is out!
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a recent study showed that if we're kicked out of EU it will cost you guys 2 trillion. You might wanna think about that amount...
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Well I'm not sure if that study is true, but anyway, What is the alternative? To pull another bail out? No that isn't a good idea is it? Cause Greece can not survive in the Eurozone. It just doesn't work!
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Ok. So I have to explain this in some other way. If Greece is kicked out the market will blow-up. Greece will most probably go bank-crupt...then Italy, Spain, and other countries and then guess what ? Yours will go down too. They are not helping us because WE need help. They are helping us because if they don't it's then end for EVERYONE.
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