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Cho Seung Hui

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He is a hero regardless.

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No, he would not be called a hero, he would have been court martialed, dishonorably discharged, have his uniform burned, and then sent to prison. The military has no room for trigger happy sociopaths, especially those who go out of their way to intentionally kill civilians. That is if he even managed to make it past the recruitment mental screening process in the first place.
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Shut up, liar. The US Army loves killers and sociopaths, that's why Ramirez's cousin is seen as a hero by them today despite his tortures.

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Cho was just a pussy who suicided when the cops arrived, not the best soldier material. Like at least the Trenchcoat Maffia had fired at the police and they had cool trench coats, anyway, Cho would have ended up like Kimblee.
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At least he an heroed himself unlike Cruz.

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This is the simplest of answers, your a fucking hypocrite and a disgrace to political cartoonists worldwide.
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He was an Anti-racism Activist ..

Power never takes a back step - only in the face of more power. Quote from "Seung-hui 'The GENERAL' Cho Manifesto" 

CHO is not a Yellow Jesus. - Jesus is White CHO.  "Nelson Mandela"

He was a hero to Minorities like us. "Barack Hussein Obama II" Qoute from  an address to Congress in  2018
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Eh, but maybe if Washington were a teenager nowadays:iconderpplz:
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No matter what - he is a hero.
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...there is no excuse for taking the gift that has already been given to all people from others. No matter what nation you are from. Sometimes we tell ourselves that it is a necessary evil to protect the common good, but there are no necessary evils, just those we accept. Yet, we must always judge others before ourselves, so ask yourself what does this do? You turned something that hurt others and put on something to make a point. For what? Awareness? Americans are aware and they are not doing anything.  I am an American and try my best to live a good life and be a good man. No matter what we do, these people will always exist. You might kill to stop government, start a new one, or preserve an old, but the gift is still taken. The only people that truly know how to fix and help the world is not people who cause anger and guilt, for guilt is always there, but those who help those still alive live good lives. People like the Red Cross are true good human beings. I still love America and it's ideals, but I criticize my government as it is the duty of a citizen.
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I disagree with this what this guy did was wrong. If he was over seas in a battle fighting honerabley againt others trying to accomplish a purpose that is whats diffrent. This pathetic excuse of a lowlife is a murderer who took his hate and rage out on innocent souls who could not defend themselves. His killings served no purpose he tried to hurt people and make us weaker. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH!
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Shut up, he stood up against racism. It only bothers me that he was a fucking christian.

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He still is a hero.
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people like you are the people who commit the shootings ...

get help man
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Like America bombing innocent towns in the world.
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I think he's referring to Iraqi civilians...
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It would be different considering the circumstances. In Iraq, his victims would (for the most part) would have been insurgents and people who would use violence to make others follow their political policies. His victims would have been made out of defense.

Here, he killed people who had nothing to do with him, but were killed just because he wanted to kill.

Either way, he would likely not have made it to the army because they screen people with his types of psychiatric abnormalities.
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He would be a fucking HERO in my book. OORAH! don't call Marines murderers if you don't understand what they go through motherfucker.
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very clever,nice pic.
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depends on who you ask. if you asked the media and the iraqis you would see him called a murderer but if you ask a diehard baptist conservative republican hero would be his title.
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its true
cho seug-hui is...................A HERO!!!
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Very true he is. 
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its true
cho seug hui is ......................HERO!
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11-11-11 on this day of all days i solute you for doing such an outstanding job on this showed another side of a critical issue..I say Hero
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