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Bush, Obama differences

High resolution version for printing purposes here: [link]
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So these are the differences? Bush would make things serious in order to take the world's money. Obama would make things happy and calm in order to take the world's money. Very interesting. 
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I never thought Bush and Obama would go that far. :| (Blank Stare) 
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At least Bush knew how to attack an enemy hidden within a nation like Afghanistan, or Iraq. It seems like as soon as Obama got into office, terrorism was on the rise in the middle east and around the world...  I guess they knew Obama didn't want to offend anyone even though it is characterized as Islamic Terrorism.
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American are only thinking about money. The thing that I hate about America, it's because they like war!!!
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That I can agree with you.
As an American, I despise how much our country has become a greedy, violent country.
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Well I'm a Canadian French
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Very cool.
What I'm saying is I wish America can be the land of freedom and peace it used to be.
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You're right but I don't think this will happen...
YOU made an actual good political cartoon... I didn't think that was possible.
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I've seen this comic so many times, finally found the creator!
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This is one of the few political cartoons I agree with. Because instead of oversimplifying things like most political cartoons, it shows how the Obama administration (and its subscribers) are oversimplifying things. This is just a great political cartoon!
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"At least I had the courtesy to put a gun in their face..." ~John Marston

(saying that it's better to know you're being robbed than tricked into thinking you weren't)
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Thousands and thousands of words merged into one sentence: FUCK THE USA
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haydi lets go to gazze to gaza
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I don't know why the cowboy boots are cracking me up.
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Obama is nothing more than Bush 2.0...he's controlled by the same people and has the same masters as Bush did and is working for the same agenda. Don't be fooled by anyone.
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dude get your facts straight before spouting ignorant comments
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Why? From day one he had the ability to push policies and make major national decisions. Besides Bush was criticized from day one. Remember the whole "I want a recount issue?" Or how about the twin towers are his fault conspiracies? I am not defending him, I am just saying it is never two early to judge leaders and that double standards are not right.
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you need both the house and the senates approval before you can make major decisions as president, a safe guard that has made the presidency pretty much useless.
والله صدقت
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