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Afghan proverb

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They call Afghanistan the graveyard of empires for a good reason, every invader has been mauled ~ check out the painting by Elizabeth Butler "The Remnants of an Army"(1874)
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Break the glass, fight for freedom, defeat the evil that oppresses are families and friends, for the rode of terrorism seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. intentions for power and money at any cost, many lives and memories are forever lost, due to the cowards in robes who believe in their lies. cruel are the hearts of these men, drenched in their sin, take a life without a blink, their own destruction is what they seek. they hope to strike terror in the souls of our fighters, but little do they know they ignite their fires. I wish i could understand the cruelty of their death demand, but that is the Taliban.  God bless America
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Don't be pro Taliban so quickly! They prevent girls from the school yard!
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Well from that what i have read and heard,
before the Talibans come in power, the Afgans people with their fields of narcotic were the Big narcotic dealers ,and big suppliers of america and the rest of the world.
when Talibans came to power..they imidiately stopped Afgans factories of narcotic production...and those facts i think help me understand WHY the Afganis don't want the Talibans in power and WHY usa fight them trough the years..
From this point of view they are really my heroes, of good old school!
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The Taliban sucks. They are not the Heroes you describe them as. They kill Girls trying to go to school. They kill their own people for no reason. Rather, the Taliban's time is running out. In Pakistan, people are finally waking up after Malala Yousufzai was shot. In a few years, the Taliban will start to lose.
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I love proverbs.
oh....i know the proverb is african....sig: in anyway, goodjob[link] i stay for you and palestine....and for italy,,,not europe....sob!!![link]
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USA are trying to combat terrorism created by themselves - in 1980s USA created "Al Kaida" to fight Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
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Gob-smackingly good stuff. A little favorable to the Taliban, but in this War, I favor the underdog! The Genocidal US Imperial Military has forced the Taliban into the role of liberators. Down with the Occupiers!
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Ah yes support the terrorists that don't let girls go to school, blow up ancient historical sites in Afghanistan, kill anyone who doesn't follow Sharia.

Truly they are freedom fighters. 
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You make me lose faith in humanity.
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The Taliban may pretend that they are liberators and underdogs, but just read "The Kite Runner" and you'll see an entirely different story. And it's not as simple as "it's all the U.S.'s fault." The Soviet Union messed things up decades ago.
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That was a good book, I had to read it in English.
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Over the last 200 years, the British attempted to conquer Afghanistan not less than 3 times. Guess what? They failed spectacularly. Even superior technology, better intelligence, chemical weapons etc. could not subdue the Afghan resistance. These Americans, with far less respect for Afghan history, society etc. have blundered into the same trap that the Russians were stuck in (just as you have mentioned).
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Do you want the Taliban regime back?
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YUP, that's true. Afghan proverb is right :omfg:

At least Obama start to give apologizes for US crimes... but this is not enough
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adoro proverbios!
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It's true! The talibans can hold out pretty much forever ... How long can the coalition hold out?
its true the Taliban can hold out for a very long time longer then any foreign government not hell bent on conquering the country at least. no here is a question for you how long can the support for the Taliban last with the people of Afghanistan? special when more and more Muslim are seeing them for the power hungry anti-Islam group they are?
Noble Verse 45:14
Noble Verse 5:32
Noble Verse 25:68
Noble Verse 2:182
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You're phenomenal, dewd.
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the issue is that, Taliban has been made by US, but US tries to make it expired.
so they did not look further what will happen if a radical group be powerful.
any way US should answer why they make tension in the region, and why they make terrorism.
Taliban bad short term planing to stop the Soviets. philosophically would it be better if USSR won?

as for tension in the region can you name a time span of more then a few year that there has not been tension in the area there limited resource and a lot of people there will almost be tension and strife until one some one can manipulate the worlds ecosystem to a T or some one invents Utopian style tech
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