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Thunderlane is one adora-awesome wing stallion

Dat original title tho. Didn't know what else to call a basic generic bad ass pose I drew out of pure boredom. So yeah, a pic of Thunderlane? Just call it Thunderlane! Genius! But anyway, it was fun to do some more paint-esk art. I'm actually pretty happy with how this turned out too. As for a background; these days I perfer to live by the expression "less is more" when it comes to simple portraits of characters.

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I think I saw this somewhere in know the video called [DATA EXPUNGED]
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Who wants to join
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I love your style. I'm having this printed on canvas!
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dawww, look at that cutie cute butt X3
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*gasps*! *squees*~ OwO

Mon favori ~<3
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Thunderlane walks into a bar.  Some of the bar goers are talking bad about The apple family, mostly Big Mac all with in an ear shot of him. One of them implies an incestuous relationship between Mac and AJ.  Some time later, Thunderlane walks out of the bar. Same as he did when he first walked in, not a scratch on him. 20 minutes later, 16 ponies are sent to a hospital with various injuries. None are fatal, but all are fairly critical. Placing them on the corner, he apologizes for last night.

Morale of the story? Talk shit about Thunder's friends at your own risk.

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I love it =D so awesome & cuuute^^
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I don't like it..

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I don't know, but I really like this stallion. Must be his colors and his mane-style.

Beautiful work
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Thanks! Cheers, mate~
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Bawwwwww, pretty much all adorable, he looks shy and happy with that cute face. Who knew that a black stallion with a mohawk would turn out to be one of the cutest ponies ever? X3
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I think he looks shy is because his brow is a little down, but happy. Still, freakin adorable job man, Thunderlane is probably my favorite stallion that you draw next to Soarin X3
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Awesome job! ^ ^
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Thank you so much!
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