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The Nights

Once upon a younger year
when all our shadows disappeared 
the animals inside came out to play

Drew some quick Brisk art in a public coffee shop while I was on an Avicii high.

Artwork © Lattynskit
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© 2015 - 2021 Lattynskit
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Bawwww, I start smiling when I see your super adorable art, he's so cute with that face X3
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but who has a speed it!
the rapidity with which, however, is well done you!
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The has a lot of motion, and is pretty cool!
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Awesome. Keep up the good work.
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Love it. Would love to feature your work on our site.
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Still cute^^ love this hourse^^
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Bawwww, I just want him to jump on me for a hug X3
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Oh this looks cool, I like the perspective on this one ^^
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Thanks man! This was a fun perspective to do yeah #practice
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Anytime dude, I think it turned out well if you ask me ^^
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Thanks so much!
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love those wings! it's like you're about to glomp the viewers XP
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Thanks! Maybe he needs a glomp yeah! xD
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ok you're asking for it XP :icondragonglomp::icondragonkekeplz: XP I love to glomp
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Fun fact about this picture. It was original drawn in April and supposed to be posted by May of this year. However due to sheer laziness, boredom and commitments to other projects, the release of this pic was pushed back until I randomly decided to post it on July 31 this year and then immediately scrap it and store it. Now I've thrown a generic background on it and have decided to once again post it. Sorry for the annoyance xD
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Dude, shut up! No one cares!
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