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Spooky Scarecrow Surprise

Out from the derpy looking scarecrow appears a silly mlem of a tatzlpony-- it's Non Toxic! Giving our boys one good scare for the season!

Part I of the melm shenanigans that shall ensue between Noxy, Drip and Non Toxic -- gift and commission for Ylpmis

03-10-19 UPDATE: Graciously Featured in the awesome Equestria Daily Drawfriend Pile (PONY ART GALLERY) #3117

Artwork © Me-- Lattynskit aka Dripponi 
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© 2019 - 2021 Lattynskit
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I swear to all the gods that existed, exist and are about to exist in the future... I've seen enough "Japanese productions" to not to know where this is going...

Wonder how long he was waiting to ambush them? Can't imagine it was very comfortable, hiding out in a flannel suit filled with straw!
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This is both adorable and funny. And it looks amazing! Keep up the good work, bud. ^w^
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Nice start for the season. ;)
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Haha, I've seen enough clop to know where this might be going ~~

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Nice work Dripponi!
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I'm Lattynskit you fool! Also Dripponi is NSFW and this is clearly not : P 
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okay, i'm not gonna lie, this comment thread really fucking confused me for a second. that made my brain hurt
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YAY! Thankies, so glad to be featured again Heart Heart 3D Heart for you 
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Ah toxic I swear your the reason all ponies dont trust tatzls but then again it it pretty funny so....

Yeah carry on you silly pony
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Non Toxic is a good boi~ Albeit a little lewd despite being so innocent :3c 
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Yeah honestly I dont mind if he's lewd and no guards gonna mess with him as long as Lead is the captain
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That’s funny. :)
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LMAO thanks, felt the idea was funny enough to spend 900 hours rendering x'D
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900 HOURS?! Oh god.

Yeah, a prank like this is genius!
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Well, not *actually* 900 hours x'D But it was definitely a long while spent on the background and shading lol
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Ok that I can believe. :)
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