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My Little Changeling

Snug your bug~

Anyone else extremely annoyed about the bad rap all Changelings have because of that wedding episode from forever and a day ago? I know I am. Here's some cute Changeling being cute and innocent because... I want cute/good/innocent Changeling's to be cannon damn it! (COME ON, LARSON. DO IT. DO IT. JUST DO IT. MAKE OUR DREAMS COME TRUE!)

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ok thats adorable

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what is he biting?
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"Bad rap all Changelings have", What? Really? Man, time really has changed
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Just wanted you to know that this person took your work and made it their profile picture, if you don't care that's that what ever. I just wanted you to know.
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How can you not love a face like that??

I love it! Great work!
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Baron: Believe it or not, but I am also coming up with a My Little Changling Idea in my journals if you wanna.
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whats with all the hidden comments on this cute piece of art?
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Spammer crap. I just do it to keep commenters safe from it ^^; Sowwi ;~;
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this is cute ;u;

there was one in slice of life :oo
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Whoa... why so many deleted comments?
This is some super nice art! :D
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They're just hidden because a cyberbully tends to spam each and every comment with something defamatory and disturbing. 
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