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Mile High Book Club

All ponys welcome (at their own risk)

Get it? Because only ponies with wings can lay safely on clouds for reading without falling!  Twilight Sparkle's got one dangerous reading club!

So this was a quick "speedpaint(???)" for the day because I like Twilight Sparkle. She's up in the sky reading le books. HUGE APOLOGIES FOR THE REUPLOAD!!!

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Great work! :3 Gotta luv da purple horsi! x3
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nawwwww~ its so cute to see young miss sparkle out and about with her books instead of being in the castle/libary all the time, and with the use of her wings being able to keep her and her books on a cloud it does give this artwork a rather unique and food for though kind of feeling. but still, the art over all was really well done bro, even if the books seem blank, as seen by the middle book, it does still give you the feel of a realxed and peacful scene, especially with the use of yellow, white and orange in the background. WHY YOU MAKE SUCH AWESOME BACKGROUND YOU SEXEH BUTT!! XD. all I will say is, try and be more careful with your lighting lines, as I did spot a few areas where they overlap the lines into the other part of the character. but other than that, very well done bro~ :heart:
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Twilight isn't literature.
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Did you just make a fooking Twilight joke, m9? 
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She looks absolutely LOVELY!

Nice pic.
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DAMN! Twily looks really cute!
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Funny isnt it? Must be desperate!
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i dont care, i like the art, shut up.
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Disregard this shithead. He's a  cyberstalking psychopath with nothing better to do than harass artists online and throw bullshit in their face to confuse and scare them
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XL: (is in his mobian fox form and lands on the cloud without going through it) hey twi, so what's this book club about?
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Disregard this shithead. They're a cyberstalker psycho with nothing better to do but confuse and scare people
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Another "speedpaint" omg this is too good for speedpaint. RIP my art career again!
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