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Dragon Greed

Ah-ah-ah-oh-ah-ee-let the holidays Featuring Rainbow Dash voice splice!

A cool song by talented Omnipony made me want to make this. I think it came out k. What ya think? Thanks for the input!

Wait. it's April Fools Day? Hadn't noticed. Every day of life is a joke #3edgy7u

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This is truly amazing. The life. The colours. The passion. The energy. Very rich here but not overwhelming. The battle between Spike and dear Rainbow Dash is epic. Spike clearly has the upper hand with his greed "powers". "Don't mess with the bull young mare, you'll get the horns" (Breakfast Club, 1985). The lighting, shadows, vivid and subdued blues and purples are well evident here along with attentive line work that say - look at me. A truly eye-catching work that makes you want to squee with awesomeness. Well done to the artist and look forward to the next piece. Well done /)
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5 Star?! :D Holy damn, thanks!! I'm sincerely glad you like the pic that much!!
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BIG!Spike: "RAINBOW! Just give me back the book already!"

Rainbow Dash:[Barely dodges BIG!Spike's grabbing claw] "N-NO! Some of the pages are torn! You KNOW what Twilight will do if I return a book damaged!"

BIG!Spike: "For the love of--she only turned into a dragon ONCE! And she was only fifty meters high--shorter than I am right now!" [Grunts and snarls throughout, trying to grab Rainbow but barely missing] "And it's not like she ate anypony...blast it, HOLD STILL!!"
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Love all the details you do in your artwork! Great job! :)
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Woah, that means a lot!! thank you so so much <3 <3 <3 
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I don't blame ya, Spike. I want my own Rainbow Dash too.
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O my gosh!!!! so amazing!!=D
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Whoa, awesome! This pic has quite a lot of momentum and adrenaline :D Love what you did with the colors and lighting too~ The contrast between red and blue in the background is great too!
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This makes the Battle of Mega Spike even more incredible,thanks for this scene.
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this is freakin epic!!! <3
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This is great! I dig the perspective of it!
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kn reality,no joke,its amazing
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Way to go, Dashie!
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I really like this.
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This is epic.

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cool this is great
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THIS LOOKS DAMN GREAT! the shading is okay, but i think you should not use blur, i mean it would look more like comic-ish(?) ((me and my perfect english *claps herself))

i love the emotions!
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