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Sometimes we artists work on a pic we REALLY have a passion for...  In this case, it's me and my burning passion for drawing Soarin!

Had a Valentine's Day pic idea I wanted to do that was both wholesome and still sorta feisty, so I made this but still ended up days late...  

Artwork © Lattynskit aka Dripponi

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© 2020 - 2021 Lattynskit
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Ain't dat da picture where Soarin shows off his sweaty asshole?
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Also, very nice Bill Cipher drawing on the fridge
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You're the most obvious troll I've ever seen. The entire world disagrees with you. You must be some sad little bitch that I rightfully rejected years ago that's now using a burner account to get under my skin to no avail. But i'm actually having a lotta fun reading your autistic comment. Cry more, cuck. Happy 2021!

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Ah okay, so you're a nobody that he's never met then. You're an art thief with 2 followers. Stay mad~<3

Rainbows2424's avatar
He’s cute! Love it!! And, by the way, do I see a drawing of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls on that Samsung refrigerator behind him?
Thrawn1800's avatar

How can you not have a crush on Soarin???

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Some beta ass motherfuckers tryna report this as porn? lmao, it's safe you fucking retard. 
devinrush2112's avatar
Lol I hope you and your sinful art goes straight to hell!!!
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Lol and now your account is gone. Like you. You will never be loved or even remembered.

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There is no hell. Take your little brainwashed belief and shove it up your ugly ass, you stupid fuck.

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This is CYBERBULLYING! I'm calling the cyber police! 
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Yeah, he's a cutie. I can see the appeal.
SoberDante101's avatar
Handsome stallion 
AleksyThePony's avatar
You have a burning passion for drawing Soarin? Well you didn't drew him since 2017 but I guess love never gets old.
Lattynskit's avatar
The fuck are you talking about? LMAO. I draw Soarin all the time. It's just not SFW. 
CharlyDasher's avatar
For me it looks more like this stallion is kneading dough with his butt while watching lewd Soarin pictures :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz 

And OMG how beautiful, detailed and smooth in colors this picture turned out to be! OwO *quickly saves into personal 'MLP favorite art' folder*
AleksyThePony's avatar
Great is the power of multitasking.
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