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Adorable Horses Being Adorable

Double Dawwwwmond and Party Favor! I miss these guys a lot! What happened to DoubleFavor- er... PartyDiamond!?

Welp, one year later and I haven't seen much else of these guys since they appeared a year ago. There was a LOT of fanart for these horses (especially for Double Diamond) when Season 5 first premiered! Now...? Ehhh... Anyway, I  sketch this up about six months ago and finally started lineart and color and finished it up last night. So yeah, here's some more art! 

1-4-16 UPDATE: Featured in Equestria Daily Drawfriend Stuff #1851!

Artwork © Lattynskit 
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Double Diamond and Party Favor?

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Such silly ponies... :giggle:
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You could say that again!^^ i miss seing these two in your art i love it so much! ^^
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Uhm, you know all this shit he said is made up right? The spammer himself is literally the criminal. I'm actually a victim of unfounded defamation because I'm literally a 19 year old being accused of lies. This kind of defemation is actually legally prosecutable in court. 
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Ain't this just a lil' EXTREMELY gay?
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Thank you for critically analysing this obviously unfounded piece of defamatory spam before making any preconceived conclusions.

Because this spammer is literally a deranged ex friend who's been trying to hurt and harass me for two years since I kicked him out of my life because he was abusive and manipulative. 
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Prolly Double Diamond's pose. It is rather face-down-ass-up
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Likewise~ They're one of the best ships in the fandom lol xD
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I know right? Such well done characters shouldnt be so underutilized! 
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