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A Burst of Sun in the Storm

Sunburst; the new hero of the Chrystal Empire.

I sketched this right after watching the Season 6 premiere of MLP. An okaaaaaay couple episodes but Sunburst was a real scene stealer imo! I guess he's just really cute. >u<

30-3-16 UPDATE: Featured in Equestria Daily Drawfriend Stuff #1849! (Thank you so so much for making it the front cover AHH!)

26-9-16 UPDATE: Featured in  Cider Party's Cosmic Kingdoms - To The End [Electro Pop]

Artwork © Lattynskit
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The light for the world will save us tonight,

Redemption still so far away,

Marching on inside of our loneliness,

Still searching for all that remains

This is an impressive image. I haven't seen many Sunurst images as good as this one.

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This is an awesome picture of Sunburst. If I recall correctly, the season 6 premiere had the debut of Princess Flurry Heart. Starlight was the show stealer for me. I am glad you liked Sunburst. He was really cool. Sunburst and Starlight finally got back together. I am tempted to think they are a romantic couple. However they are most likely just friends.

Sunburst Icon  Heart free avatar Starlight Glimmer icon 2  
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The shading is astonishing (as always)
i agree 
I love markings on horses :D 
or an appleossa
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Hehehehe, thanks <3 This was a lot of fun to make for sure
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Righty so~ Sucha bae not-wizard x3
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ADORKABLE INDEED~ He's so perf <3
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Thank ya kindly mate!
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Amazing work Drip ^^. Sunburst is such a cutie ^W^
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Awh thanks buddy ;u; Im really glad you like it! It mean a lot ^^ Sunburst is bae~
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Dawwww, Ambi's always the cutest when he's fangirling! XDDD But yessssh Sunburst is worth fangirling over <3
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Yush, he is cyouutie horse
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Daww, that means a lot, thank yoooou~ Lawl, that Deadpool expression FTW
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