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Doodle over Maths

Inspired by lovelifelight. [link] I made this when I was bored in maths tuition, thus the title xD. The main wording in the middle says "No Maths Prease..."
"Prease" is how my lame friend irl says the word ';please' xD. it's funny, so =D.

Hannah's inspirational doodle may be found here [link] clickyclicky~ A big thank you to her for inspiring me, btw! =3.

If you download this, and reeeeeeally take a look at my doodle, you'll see all kinds of maths equations lodged in there; some make sense, some are just plain retarded 8D. And some stickmans + wordings + numbers...lots of them (8.

And lol @ my maths tuition workings around the sides S=.

© by meh <3.
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Aww, the little stick guy kinda looks like a gingerbread man. So cute!
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OMG! Mayday Parade lyrics :love:
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add me as a friend you are so cool
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oh wow, it does look similar! :D
this is great, Siti XD i love how you made the circular line invisible, i bet you used the compass, eh? :p
i'm gonna link/mention this in mine artists comments :)
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Yeah, I did xD. And thankyou (8!
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lol awesome XD~, Math is teh best subject to draw in ^^
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O_____________O Awesome doodle... *steals*

... *shifty eyes*
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*snatches it back*
...thanks =3.
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*slips a copy in your pocket*
Nothing happened (8.
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