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The Light of Tonal Architecture by Lattauri-El The Light of Tonal Architecture :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 8 0 Sunder and Keening by Lattauri-El Sunder and Keening :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 5 2
On Transliminal Mythomysticism
On Transliminal Mythomysticism
by Magistrix Calaryanwe
This text presents a general guide on the Transliminal Arts and information on the Field. Section I presents a brief introduction about the Subject while Section II enlightens the reader about some Research Backgrounds. Sections III and IV are independent in this text (but not in the Field) and can be read separately by the reader. Section V discourses about some notable Researchers and their Works, and Section VI about the Future of the Area. Finally Section VII presents the Conclusions, and Section VIII, the References.
I Introduction
"The irony doesn’t escape me that if this proves true, then a Daedra can only truly die after it enters heaven." (Doctor Rhythandius)
The Field of Transliminal Mythomysticism discourses, among many other subjects,
:iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 2 2
Transliminal Sigil by Lattauri-El Transliminal Sigil :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 4 4
As We Dance from Dawn to Dusk
Atop the Towers and the Stones
The Swirling Disk of Holy Dust
Turns again in Sixteen Tones!
Hear the Stars in Holy Voice
Seek the AE in Trembling Fire
The Scripture of Numbers We rejoice!
They Answer Us when Time is Dire.
Within the Wheel. Between the Spokes
Where Sixteen Lords wrote their Names
Transliminal Motion inside the Tides
Forevermore the Time Descends
The Mage in Heavens Above Writes
Aetherial Lines of the Arcane
The Serpent in Darkness Hides
The Book of Timeless Domain
Eight Planes which are Sleeping!
Mortals Souls they Prey Upon
Their Petrichor. Look! They are Bleeding!
By that Blood the Wheel Moves On
:iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 2 0
Time Magicka by Lattauri-El Time Magicka :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 5 6
Singularities of (Un)Realities
Singularities of (Un)Realities
by Lattauri-El, Lady of Silavir
This book presents the Creation of (Un)Reality as It is Understood by the Sunburst of Silavir. There are several accounts of these stories, One for Each Vibrant Realm of Aetherius ruled by a Get (or Ge), such as the Binary System of Kyra-Ly or the Quadrangular Oscillators of De-Mnem. All of them share the same point of view: how the Magna-Ge led by Magnus witnessed the First Spark of Divinity and tapped into its Power.
1 In the Beginning there were only Untime and Unspace. 2 We saw the First Spark of Divinity brought into existence by AE, and that Divinity descended into a Non-Stationary Chain of Realm-Divinities oscillating between the First and the Second. 3 As We followed It, We noticed that the Chain of Harmonic Singularities was Unstable and It be
:iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 3 0
Mythic Dawn Alignment by Lattauri-El Mythic Dawn Alignment :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 10 0 Sigillum Arnor by Lattauri-El Sigillum Arnor :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 1 Sigillum Isra by Lattauri-El Sigillum Isra :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 2 Sigillum Armiris by Lattauri-El Sigillum Armiris :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 0 AMBROSIA by Lattauri-El AMBROSIA :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 0 Hyperagon Transcendentalis Page 431 by Lattauri-El Hyperagon Transcendentalis Page 431 :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 9 1
Codex Hyperagonalis - Chapter Zero
Codex Hyperagonalis
by Magistrix Calaryanwe
Chapter Zero
The Liminal Passage is a very difficult practice, as stated by many scholars such as Masters Galerion, Zenas, Camilonwe, and Albrecht. Since Corvus well-written, well-developed and useful Practicum about Conjuration [1] many mages put aside the foundations of the Transliminal Transportation and the whole area faded for some time. One must notice that the Veil of Nirn is strong and prevent Protean Entities from staying permanently inside our Plane(t). That proves that Conjuration is useful to some extent but it is not a definitive way of transporting Chaotic Creatia. An useful conjecture is that this is not an exclusive property of our Plane(t). Some even conjecture that Monotone Entities suffer the same fate regarding Liminal Transportation.
Aiming the return of Liminal Studie
:iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 4 0
The Bloom that Follows the Starlight by Lattauri-El The Bloom that Follows the Starlight :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 6 6 LKHAN - All Creation is Subgradient by Lattauri-El LKHAN - All Creation is Subgradient :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 15 3


Zimka by BellaBergolts Zimka :iconbellabergolts:BellaBergolts 188 4 Spruce by Gellihana-art Spruce :icongellihana-art:Gellihana-art 70 6 Commission: Peace by Yamuku Commission: Peace :iconyamuku:Yamuku 74 11 Dejanira and Cullen by DominiqueWesson Dejanira and Cullen :icondominiquewesson:DominiqueWesson 228 24 The Story of China5 by hiliuyun The Story of China5 :iconhiliuyun:hiliuyun 156 3 Deck of Tsars by Szczurzyslawa Deck of Tsars :iconszczurzyslawa:Szczurzyslawa 100 25 The Appearance by vurdeM The Appearance :iconvurdem:vurdeM 187 16 LOTR - Wind by the-evil-legacy LOTR - Wind :iconthe-evil-legacy:the-evil-legacy 226 83 Inferno 1 - cover remake by devilhs Inferno 1 - cover remake :icondevilhs:devilhs 191 6 American McGees Alice by Akunohako American McGees Alice :iconakunohako:Akunohako 144 3 Harmony Divine by vishstudio Harmony Divine :iconvishstudio:vishstudio 169 3 Aqua by Juame Aqua :iconjuame:Juame 1 0 My World... by Juame My World... :iconjuame:Juame 2 4 Aion- The Tower of Eternity by Juame Aion- The Tower of Eternity :iconjuame:Juame 9 6 I think he's going to explode. by Kagaku-Sama I think he's going to explode. :iconkagaku-sama:Kagaku-Sama 12 1 I V by Kagaku-Sama I V :iconkagaku-sama:Kagaku-Sama 7 3


Lattauri-El's Profile Picture
Sister of the Sunburst and Lady of Silavir.

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" (Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll)

(Formerly known as "PriestMorokei".)


To Dream is to Become Creator.


Achieve the Royalty of the Awake Dreamers and You Shall Become the All of the Ur-You.


Dream of Your Prolix: the Tower that Touches All Mantles of Heaven.


Love All as You Love Yourself.

Va Varlasel, Meridiae Latta Ae Lattauri-El.

Lattauri-El, Sister of the Sunburst and Lady of Silavir.

Dancing Sun

  • Listening to: Ost+Front - Out of the Dark




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