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Seaside Street Galaxy - Colour

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© 2008 - 2020 Latios765
If you see the uncolour one, then Thank You :)
This is from the same thing, only it been coloured.

As alway.
Seaside Street Galaxy and Daytona USA © Sega

Just to pleased you lot
Pac-man © Namco
Latios © Nintendo

The Uncolour Verson - [link]
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Paaaaacccc man lol nice job
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sherwind Digital Artist
Awesome, haha a pacman cloud XD
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Yup, :XD:
Thank you.
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Wheee, nice !
Fav'd that.
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Thank, :)
Oh, and my sister wish to Join the Daytona Universe.
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No problem, I already wrote she was accepted as Track Designer, anyway if she wants a fan-character, show her the filling form I sent you by note. I just went on for attributing her one of the available car numbers: she got the... #77. [Lucky number %)]
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Well I'll be damn.
What number are your's and about the Nintendo thing, if someone put a copyright to it owner (e.g. Mario Hat from Nintendo) *I'm not using him hat*, would it be aloud on fan-character in Daytona Universe, just to clear thing up.
Oh. And my sister said thank you.
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In fact, when I said "for the sake of god no real brands" I meant not a real-life brand as a car name. You can copyright your car, as long as you credit Nintendo, or anything else, to themselves. Just avoid "real-life brands as car name", it'll be okay. If you want to include them, no problem if it's a "brand decal" just like the Esso, Xpeed and others I used on the Hornet. Just a matter of realism, but I credited them. By the way, my car is #73 (Dark Blur Racing).
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Thank you for answering my question. :D
How many places are there left?
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If I don't count the #77 reserved for Yumi, there is 22 places left, if there is no more fan character, I'll fill them with more minor cars.
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Right, so now at this minute, 21 left (including Yumi)
How many fan character are in this?
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