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Tarma in Slug Gunner Type-R
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By Latias4ever   |   Watch
Published: March 25, 2010
This animation was easier, since the Slug Gunner was stopped and I didn't need to recolor anything. X3

Tarma completes a Mission with a Double Heavy Machine Gun and the Slug Gunner Type-R! Horray for Tarma!

Slug Gunner Type-R © :iconlatias4ever:
Slug Gunner © SNK Playmore
Tarma © SNK Playmore
Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 © SNK Playmore
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Mission Complete!!!
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he'll kick some butt!! :lol:
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KrossanHobbyist Digital Artist
I love TARMA!!!
He's my favourite playable character in all MS games, esxcept for the Metal Slug 4... TT.TT there's no playable Tarma!!!°n°
Latias4ever's avatar
Yeah, he's my favourite as well. X3 And yeah, Metal Slug 4 failed without him, but we still have Marco and Fio. X3
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A Slug Gunner Type-R? Shit! Run!

I made a Metal Slug Type-B some time ago, but I don't even know what happened to it.
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Metal Slug Type-B? =O
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code14Student General Artist
Metal slug is a great game!
Love the animation with Tarma (He looks real happy with himself!)
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X3 Thanks. Metal Slug IS awesome.
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code14Student General Artist
Agreed all the way!
But what do you think about the new one, Metal slug 7(or XX for psp)
I don't like their new style of backgrounds...
But the sprites are still awesome!
Latias4ever's avatar
I never played it, I've seen videos of it and it looks awesome to me.
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code14Student General Artist
It is awesome! (i just don't like the new background style myself)
I'm doing my own little metal slug stuff right now (i'm sure you've seen the two Exunit machines i've done)
By the way, which one's have you played? ( 3's gotta be my favourite one!)
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I have played every one since 1 to 6. Metal Slug Anthology FTW. X3
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code14Student General Artist
Total madness!
I have anthlogy on the wii (okay, so it's on the wii, but it's still good damn you!!)
But which one is your favourite?
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I play Anthology on Wii too. XD

My favourite one is 3, Giant Crabs, Aliens, Mummies, Zombies, you name it, it's there. X3
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I prefer Marco...<.<

Just kidding. X3

Awesome job! X3
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Marco and Tarma are my favorite characters of Metal Slug. XD Thank chu. X3
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