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I Talk to Myself Stamp

By Latias-Flyer
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Don't we all?

People love this stamp, don't they?

Featured : [link]

Icon version: :iconitalktomyself1::iconitalktomyself2: Thanks to :iconpsychotara:! :D
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I talk to myself when I'm alone

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Oh, yes I do!

muppet--man's avatar
Haha, yes! Using!
XxTheCreepyEmoGirlxX's avatar
 using! cause if it's a new year i'm still...talking to myself so..
rnp5324's avatar
I have group discussions with myself-
GrampasEggCollection's avatar
I do like my own voice.
lilythewolf0's avatar
i do to so do i sing to myself
MaxyIsACreepyWeeb's avatar
I do this weird thing where almost every night, I walk in circles in my room and I'm either mumbling to myself or I'm just moving my mouth and keep the conversation in my head
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Mirria1's avatar
I do the exact same thing too! My family always looks at me weird...
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It’s half of how I philosophize.
catrabbit7582's avatar
We all do, but I try my best not to do it so much....people will think I'm crazy, according to my mom.
HearseGurl's avatar
All the time, all the time! XD
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welcome to schizophrenia
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im a cartoon and cartoons talk to themselves usually
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I only really talk my thoughts out loud and there's not wrong with that. Though what's weird is having a conversation with yourself like "Hi myself! How are you doing?" "I'm doing great!"
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