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i made an activity update but i'm going to make a journal update as well. I'll summarize it the best i can and my timeline might not be correct but i'll try my best as i can only do that to make up for lost time since leaving DeviantArt four years ago. I had a lot of troubles with my family, i lost friends, i was betrayed, hurt, y'know the good stuff that destroys you. I was in a very dark place and everything I enjoyed disappeared including drawing or keeping up an account. It was a turning point where it changed me and my life forever, but it was for the better.

Also I did not have internet a lot of the time, i lost my old computer due to crashing, etc. as well as the passwords, the account names, and i am even surprised i was able to crack into this account was just sheer luck.

i feel terrible and i appologize that i let the originalshipping group go to shit because of this and i feel so thankful Ernoma has been pitching in while I have been gone!!! i will return my duties at my new account which i made. I don't think i could stand being on here because of the sheer cringing i have over young me, now being a full adult. If any of you wish to contact me I'll be at tamersayo.

i don't know if any of you are still around but thank you for all the memories you gave me here earlier!!! thank you so much.
What I mean by the title is that I may be moving accounts again, its dead here.
Or I may just stop deviant art all together, It depends if you guys care and want me to stay,
I don't draw as much as I used to or have time that much anymore.
Message me here on this journal or on tumblr :

Love every last one of you.
For English we read this book "the Great Gatsby", a literature from a Man named
Fitzgerald. I really dislike this book though I'm just going to throw it out there for now
and forever more. But I was thinking of seeing the next release of the 2012 release
of the movie, so I was curious and looked up the actors. I had my heart set on a
handsome brown headed man as Gatsby and a short slim cute boy as Nick,
Well I got the nick part, Tobey Maguire is playing Nick. If you don't know who that
is that is the guy who played in the Spider man movies. BUT DAMN, why does
Leonardo Dicaprio have to insert himself as GATSBY (if you don't know I really really
dislike him... except for when he was a bit younger and when he played in Romeo
and Juliet, he was FINE).

More here? :

Oh yeah writing another fanfiction... idk if anyone wants to read it so
I might turn it into a comic thingie if I feel like it...
Well remember while back when I posted pictures of our fish?
The Pictures you couldn't see, only the messy blurs of our precious
children. Yeah those fish. I won't be posting any more of the
pictures of them because of a very important reason in which I
am going to explain soon... Which is now.

About maybe ether a week ago or so our Plecostomus died
in a very horrible and horrific way. His fins were ripped up and sucked
into the filter, two hours later he died. Its still a mystery how he died
or got that way. Two days later one of our swordtails died in the
same manner. We tried to find out all possibilities, I put a heater
in the water, we turned down the suction on the filter to take
precautions. Now our Mollies are infected with Ich and look very
bad, and they might end up dying as well. As for the living sword
tail he looks very well, but he might get infected. I am devastated.
Though I have been through a thousand fish and a turtle it still
Making it worse, my teammates are placing the blame on me for
the fish getting that way. Sense I said we should put the heater
in the tank its my fault that all the fish ether "overheated" or
got sick cause the Heater caused them to get this way...

Excuse me as I call Bullshit on this.
I haven't written a Journal in over two months? Oh well,
its not like its the world record. I know people don't read journals
anymore so I don't write them. End of story, until now,
I guess I was in the mood to write something about my life.

I have been involved with Marine Biology and have been
thinking about a Career in it. If You don't know I have two
years until I graduate and go to "college" (most likely I might
not be able to). Its actually alot of good jolly fun, especially
feeding them, its always fun. Sense we are able now to run our
tank (for our Group) and its able to house fish now. Saturday
I am going with a friend to buy fish and plants and shet to
put in there. Career picking is hard.

My drawings will be less frequent than they used to be when I
started deviant art. I am getting Art block so easily now and School
work is over haul and Social life killer.But every weekend I will try
to draw a piece or more of artwork.

Nothing else other than that.
In rl friends are Horrible.
Can't sleep though, stupid paranoia
Sister is a bitch, threatening to steal
the Soda I bought today downtown that
I bought to treat myself with.

Stupid Brat. Stupid Spoiled Brat.

If She touches or even thinks about taking my
Monster, I will go Monster on her ass.

I was considerate and bought her a lollipop.
But that wasn't good enough, shes also greedy.
This is why I can't have nice things, She always
steals them. And my parents never punish her.

btw I'm out of School. Woot. Woot.
... Is Louis Alex Armstrong. Enough Said.
I'm in a pretty Darn good mood this week, I'm taking request if
ya'll just want a picture to be done. I have mai free tiem.

Wow a Journal Actually, I never make these anymore lol

As the title says, First Gen of Pokemon might be just ruined
for me. I hate the words. I hate the words that kid just spews
into my face. Its really really irritating. To the point where I want
to scream at him, I don't think he got the warning today.

I don't Give a damn if His Weedle knows Hyper Beam
I don't Give a damn if his Magikarp Knows Splash

I just want it to stop. Stop now. I can't even look at fire Red
without almost hissing in disgust. I don't even know how his girlfriend
stands him.

I just want to get my freakin' Dragon to evolve into ANOTHER freakin
dragon so I can fight OTHERRR freakin dragons. Gosh.

Now I have History Homework. And a Date with a Hot Fudge Sundae

Btw I think N is HOT.DAMN.BEAUTIFUL. as a girl... just sayin'
Lol Dem fanarts huh?
"I Lied to him...
I want you to be mine
and No he can't have

   -- Unknown Bathroom Participant

My Mother has been hounding me about deviant art
asking if its "sketchy" meaning in mother language "Is this place sexual?"
My Mother is too fucking protective over me, I swear
I'm just hollering out to my friends, if you guys could do me a favor
Could you please Keep your Sketchy stuff off your front page

Im not making you guys, I just don't want to leave here
and my friends behind, I have met so many lovely people

Btw Guys Im opening Art trades once more, so if you want
to trade art and you don't mind morbid emo art, I am your person

ILY ALL, Have a great Dayz o3o
(p.s. Im on spring break and Im bored)
Im in the fanfiction Mood again people, its a disease trololol
Im writing two right now, Both are Shonen-ai of course P:
IsshuShipping and Preciousmetal/Huntershipping lawl
Do you guys want to read them? Im just curious
I mean Im not the best writer, again Im just curious
A friend read one story and loved it, she wants me to make a fanfiction
for it. If you guys didn't know my original fanfiction was hacked.

Responses please?
Well Im much better if you want to wonder.
Yesterday was just a bad day for me...
Today was MUCH better, but just let someone else
give you directions besides me cause I know my way nowhere :giggle:
"Tell me and I will forget; Show me and I may Remember; Involve me and I'll understand."

- Chinese Proverb

Idk why I write journals, nobody gives a crap or comments on them.
I guess I do it just to satisfy my I.d. (psychology stuff).

Things are wrong and I can't explain them, or make anyone understand.
The only one who understands me, is me.
School kids are spreading more rumors about me, Joy.
I don't look forward to any part in my day at all.
I don't want to talk to anyone it seems like.
I have problems. So Why can't I solve them?
Yesh I finally get to pre-order Black! :iconexcitedlaplz:
My Mother would not take me to let me buy it,
Now that she finally has something to do on the weekend
and that I can finally Pre-order to buy it, Im so excited!
I never knew a Bad day could turn very good!
I hate Valentines day. Period.
I feel real sick, and I have homework
so the valentines picture may be delayed
a bit. after I do the picture imma do
some others and start on the comic
when Im not emotionally stressed or angry.
On my Old account I said I was thinking about
doing a Doujinshi with Gold and Silver, just a
shonen-ai sort of thing. I am really thinking
now on doing it, but it may be a typed story
because of how long its gunna be and plus
I can't draw Blood >: ( oh well you learn right?

So what are you guys thoughts,
Should i?
(If any of you guys care)

My mother has set up an appointment to get me
a new retainer, Im so happy! But can't getting
my sister braces wait for awhile? I mean seriously...
Oh well isnt my choice. Btw Im doing Art trades
if any body is interested in one :la:
.... Not really XD.
But I do now Own ShiruMa in this lovely Group :
I also Own Mato Kuroi in this Lovely Group here :
Now if I can only find a group that Silver ISN'T Claimed
in I will be complete! But damn it hes so popular! :iconshakefist:
Just as the title says actually.
I had braces for two year and got a retainer.
Now that Retainer has been chewed up by my dogs
and I am going to have crooked teeth for the rest
of my life. Why? Cause my god damn parents won't
get me another one, Jesus I can already feel my
teeth moving...