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We are the immortal Shield of

<We are the immortal Shield of the Emperor
- Imperial Guards of Krieg, the Death Corps. In Operation Seize of Vraks>

For The Emperor!!! Be Shield!! Hold Line beyond your dead!!

The front line of imperium of men

A fan art of Warhammer 40k, Imperial guards
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© 2011 - 2021 lathander1987
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Greetings Lathander1987! Thank you for your hard work in creating such a detailed work! May I use your image to create a Siege of vraks tribute on YouTube to spread the fame of the Death Korps?
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Yes you can, please mention me in your vid
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Thank you Lathander1987, here is the link to the video, sorry for the super late response :)
So it was you! YOU!

Nice to find the original source of this masterpiece.
The line will be fucking held
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thank you for finding me :)
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Krieg: When your soldiers really want to die.
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I find many things in 40k to be ridiculously OP; Space Marines, most of the forces of Chaos, etc.. Reminds me of why I never got into Dragon Ball, it's just too over the top.

The Imperial Guard are pretty dang cool, though. Armed with nothing but a fancy flashlight, armor that may as well be paper, and the ever-useful bayonet, they still charge headlong at enemies that can practically kill them just by looking at 'em funny.
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Did the Korps have any major deployment besides Vraks? I am a bit behind on canon...

Nitpick: the forward edge of their helmet's brim should be swept backwards more.
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The actual good art of Deviant Art.
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Oh, I like this game! Okay. Here it goes.

We are the immortal shields of...  Sir Wafflesworth! Manic Ava 
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In the Emperor's name, let none survive.
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Who the fuck is Richard

Amazing work by the way
just as Richard answered I'm impressed that a stay at home mom can get paid $6240 in 4 weeks on the computer .
try here...:)
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"Our corpses shall form a tide that will clenze the Emperors enemies from the galaxy!"
Amazing dude.
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I like whole setting and atmosphere of Warhammer 40k, really cool art
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"Only in death does duty end."
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[looks at the ist of casutlies] 
A shield? -yes. 
Immortal_ VERY much mortal.
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At least they can't inhale their peace and honor.
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