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Papua Oasis

A work for my personal portfolio.

the city is built around a large oasis and very rich because of its middle of trade route.

hope you enjoy!

Photoshop CS5
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Beautiful work and great composition.

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Ever thought about drawing historical cities like the outermost areas of the city of Rome, or Constantinople? How about Tokyo in feudal Japan?
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That would be very interesting what is your suggest?
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I’d like to suggest these: (you might have to do some research beforehand)
Aztec cities 
Mayan cities 
Olmec cities 
Toltec cities 
An alternate American city if it hadn’t developed past the Wild West 
A depiction of various prehistoric settlements constructed by various human species 
An alternate English city if it hadn’t developed past the Industrial Revolution 
A depiction of the city of Atlantis 
A depiction of a Viking 'Jamestown' esc settlement
A depiction of a Medieval/Tudor high-rise city with emphasis of medieval taverns 
A depiction of a city based off of 'The Jetsons'
Roman London 
Feudal Japan era Tokyo 
'Three Kingdoms' era Hong Kong 
The fictional city of "Last Legs"
The fictional city of "Nolybab'
The fictional city of "Fegas"
A depiction of Pyongyang if it had been designed by Albert Speer (the architect for the Berlin that never happened) in the Korean style
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Brilliant! The perspective really shows this grandiosity that I quite admire. Excellent job!

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Looks like its a game xD
Your hope is totally fulfilled: Great work!!!!
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Imaginative and very beautifully executed.
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You can make them with a brush too, I do it all the time. Just be sure to load your brush with different (unmixed) colors and go in with a light touch. That way, you'll get the subtle change of colors on your canvas. Takes a bit of practice but perfectly doable. Just be very careful not to over mix the colors. Also, having an older 'rougher bristle' brush works best. Tilt the brush from side to side as you go etc. recommend my favorite artists Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frida Kahlo, Roberto Matta Gabino amaya cacho and Pablo Picasso. Thank you for your nice comment on my work too :)

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though it's a digital work thank you for saying that. 
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I saw this in the video for the song "Bazaar Merchants" by Derek Fiechter!  I love his and Brandon Fiechter's music, and I love this picture!
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i like this, always loved Arab/desert styled cities
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