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Final Attack

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Waterloo, PM 7:30 June 18th, 1815

Empire of France, Final attack of Emperor Napoleon's Old Imperial Guards, by end of this attack, the Napoleon war was finished...

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The death of a French's unity of Europe.
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No not during the winter, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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Vive l'Empereur!!! Flag of France :salute: rvmp Flag of France 
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Remember Waterloo
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The Guard dies but never surrenders!
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The Old Guard Look Very Awesome :) (Smile) 
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i, hum, i reconaigzed this picture from the battle of waterloo, 1970 with rod steiger.well done!!!i love it!
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Thats' right. Thanks :D
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Men who've had 5+ years of experience vs an army of mostly foreigners who've never fired a gun and a second army that was emergency raised and been on force march since crossing the border... If the Prussian army hadn't arrived, panic wouldntve spread and its more than likely they'd break through the British line in one swift charge
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It took 2 entire armies, to make just these big sukkas break and run.

I love using these guys online in Napolean:TW, people always bitch and cry.
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Ey! I'm just downlading NTW. Have you ever played La Monteé d l'Empire? Is it good?
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You should have this to accompany this pic. [link]
It is called Le Chant Del L' Oignon The song of Onion.
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this is epic, very nice
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