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Anti Tyranids

<Anti Tyranids>

A fan art for War hammer 40k

Cadian of Imperial gaurds of Imperium of men


Numberless invasion troop of Tyranids.

Who would be win?
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That moment when you realize the Tyranids can deploy Godzilla kaiju in similar fashion to other races deploying heavy tanks xDDD

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Omg the composition of this art is pure gold it's really well made! I'm not talking only about the accuracy of you draw, the picture really tells a story and use background space really well! I could go on for hours analyzing this.
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Imagine the battle with this song. :) Anyway awesome pic about battle. 
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"For the glory of the Imperium!"

Don't worry they have a Titan, I'm sure they'll be fi-

[Titan explodes]

...Well, shit. 

Anyways, this is very well done! Nice work!
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The Imperials have spaceships, and spaceships always beat titans. So we found a logical way of how they can beat nids.
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Cadia: We hold the fucking line.
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your creatures are good but your figures dont sell i think you need to study anatomy and gesture drawing more. it seems to be your only weakness right now that i can see. give it a go and tell me how it works out i love to see artists grow.
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thank you for your suggestion. This work is not completed yet. You let me put more work :)
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"Um... Sir...?"


"Wh-Where are its' eyes...?"

"... Fuck..."
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Acceptable losses.
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Plasma Gun Guy: "Bruh...for real?"
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this is so epic i love it!
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Plasma guns have an unfortunate habit of overheating and exploding upon the wielder. The gunner knows this, he isn't going to waste his gun (and his life) by opening fire unless it's a clear shot at a prime target. The commissar doesn't care, because he's a commissar.

Most epic 40k fanart ever.
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