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December 12, 2014
Wonderfully captured expression and elaborated details make this graphite pencil portrait exceptional and captivating.

Pencil portrait of a Himba Woman by LateStarter63
Featured by Agaave
Suggested by ChrisBeckerArt
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Pencil portrait of a Himba Woman

Graphite pencil portrait of a Himba woman on A4 Daler Rowney Airbrush Bristol board.

Pencils: Various Mars Lumograph (6H to 6B), Faber Castell 9000 (6B to 8B), mechanical pencils 0.3mm/2B, 0.5mm/4B.
Blending: Blending stump from Royal Langnickel, cotton buds and paper tissues.
Erasing: WH Smith kneadable eraser, Jakar battery eraser, Tombow Mono Zero Ultra-fine eraser. 

My sincere thanks go to Yves Picq who has genously made his photo of a  Himba Woman available through Wikimedia Commons for derivative works via a  CC BY-SA 3.0 link to his website where you can view more of his wonderful photographs from around the world is Yves Picq Website.  These do not have a CC Licence.

The Himba tribe live in northern Namibia.  The hair is braided and then covered in Otjize, a mixture of butterfat and ochre, often perfumed with an aromatic resin.  The same preparation is used to cover their skin as a protection against the harsh climate, which colours their skin a deep orange or reddish colour.

I chose to make this drawing as I knew that the intricacy of the cords around her neck would be a significant challenge.  The picture was, in any case, a very striking one.

Two more of my drawings of African subjects are:    Pencil portrait of a girl from Togo by LateStarter63   and    Pencil portrait of Aminanta by LateStarter63
Image details
Image size
2098x3028px 1.77 MB
Shutter Speed
10/300 second
Focal Length
5 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Sep 30, 2014, 2:48:03 PM
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Sketchofsun's avatar

this is awesome, keep it up

ariya-sacca's avatar

hard to believe...every time i saw your work...

it's really wonderful moment to know i am a witness of the legend masterpiecesDansu plz

LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you very much, but you flatter me too much!  I rely on others to provide me with the superb references that I merely copy in pencil.  Thank you again for the fave.
IME54ARTILONA's avatar
Excellent by faryba   UniqueStyle - Stamp by Me2Smart4U  Dear Clive ❤️
LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you very much, Ilona.  It was a superb reference from which to make a drawing.  I was particularly pleased with the appearance of the cracked clay on her hair which looks impressive but was unexpectedly easy to draw. 
IME54ARTILONA's avatar
I showed your drawings to my husband, he thought they were photos.🤗  You are so good Clive ❤️
LateStarter63's avatar
IME54ARTILONA's avatar
You are welcome dear Clive 💙 Have-a-great-Day by KmyGraphic  
Renebee71's avatar
This portrait is so beautiful in her likeness.  Thanks for sharing.
LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you and welcome to DeviantArt and thank you very much too for the 'Watch'.
It was such a lovely photo to use as a reference for my drawing.
Renebee71's avatar
You're welcome anytime.

Leanndra51's avatar
She is so beautiful, and joyous!  You are incredibly talented!  My goodness, I have always wanted to be a sketch artist, or graphite artist but I have no drawing ability at all.  I have books to self teach and pencils, but I get so frustrated when I begin that I stop.  That is probably the problem, isn't it?  Your work is truly inspiring. 
Also WinningDD by marphilhearts even though it is woefully late! 
LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you very much, Lea.  I think she looks very proud of being who she is. I love drawing people, especially children, of different races.  Their faces show such variation.
When I started drawing again in 2009 (I stopped after O-level at school) I had little ability and absolutely no idea how far I could and would eventually develop my skill.  Skill it is, not talent - I am no innate artist.  If you are interested, my first Journal (I have been on DeviantART for one year.) tells of my artistic journey up to the time I joined dA.  I wrote it to show young artists that said 'I wish I could draw like you' as they sometimes did, that I was sure that they could, with practice and patience.  I was very lucky when I started that I did not have the Internet so for a couple of years had only my own drawings to assess my progress against.  If I had seen what could be achieved with pencil I am sure that I would have been discouraged, feeling that I could never reach that level and would always feel inadequate.  As it was, I had developed a lot in two years and this encouraged me to aim  higher still.
Leanndra51's avatar
I agree, she is proud of who she is.  I think she is incredibly beautiful.  I find that I am enthralled by mature faces.  As we mature and live and learn, sometimes life leaves those marks upon our countenances for all the world to see.  I think growing old is a privilege and  that many people are so attractive and have striking and noble features;  when a lot of younger people just see "old" people, you know?  I am exceptionally drawn to Native American or indigenous peoples of different lands and countries. 

I will read that journal entry and  go from there.  I have all kinds of art supplies, so I have no good reason, only a poor excuse.  But I really want to learn how to draw, so thanks for the encouragement! 
Refugio1981's avatar
Way cool!👍👍
LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you very much, Jose.  It was a superb reference that I drew from.  I come across references of that quality only infrequently.
mixtix-freeman's avatar
LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you very much, Mikhail, and thank you too for the fave, llama and 'Watch'.
Coreyhasissues's avatar
You have an amazing talent!
LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you very much, Corey, but it is not talent.  It is merely a skill that I have learned through practice, patience and an eye for detail.
Coreyhasissues's avatar
Whatever you call it, it's impressive.
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Another excellent job!!Valentine Heart -Free To Use Valentine Heart -Free To Use Valentine Heart -Free To Use 
LateStarter63's avatar
Thank you very much, Ralph, and thank you too for adding this to your favourites.
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