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Name of the Game: Vir Fortis Lenis Decorus
It means Hero Kind Noble in Latin
I am making a game for Snake and the Late Night crew. To be able to play it you will have to DONATE TO A CHARITY OR ORGANIZATION. This Group is for those who want their ART and ideas in the game. So far it is just me making it.

The game will be done in CRYEngine, and I will be using Cycles 3D Blender, and GIMP (becuase I can't afford photoshop or 3D Maya).

Game Summary:
The Hero name is Benji and he is a being that is mixed between human, and a being that is able to travel into different universes and realities.There are "corrupted""evil"(hate these words got a better name let me know) (Note: That sometimes they are in "Heards" Where there is a leader and then from their are followers and each follower(sometimes the same species of beings as them and some are others from the worlds they have been too) can spawn monsters and to get to the leader you have to kill all the followers)versions, of these beings (NEED HELP WITH NAME! so feel free to suggest something), and due to there ability to travel into different places they cause choas, havoc ( or in others responsible for all the "bad" in our universe. So my Hero has to hunt them down and bring them back to their original world. Along the way you will be able to meet allies, who will have different abilities, rescue dogs, and help fix the destruction they caused.
These corrupted species have to ability to spawn monsters at the Hero.
Benji (I.E: Snake) Is a african american mixed, and has telekinesis, and healing powers.
Olivia (Mashtar, Snake's SO) is powerful female Caucasian who has element powers, and nature powers. Due to this she has the ability to control the monster (she can control more as she grows.)
For the will be able to customize them once you become good enough friends. The clothing is not gender restricted... (For example: The males will be able to wear the dresses, or pink tutus. The best part however you decide to make them look is how they will appear when fighting with you. ) and if you want to change your allies race you will have to make them fall in love with someone of that species.

It is still a work in progress to please bare with me.

*Furniture/ decor/ lights/ wall textures/kitchen wear and utensils. etc. models (i.e: different types of chairs, or your own design.) To use to help build and decorate the houses with.

* Your Character/Species/Being designs: Please post the following:
* Their Name
* Power/abilities if any
* Do they belong to a world (if so see "World" below), or is free form as in...just an idea that popped into your head.
*Gender or genderless
* Is it an ally?
* Do these characters/beings/species have specific clothing fashion or wardrobe
* and their Culture

World ideas/ world creations:
* Please state how these "Evil beings" have cause chaos in this world?
* Art, pics, Journal entries etc...about what it looks like, the beings or species or NO people...
* Animals, plant life, their house structure if any etc...
* Their society, culture and laws.
* And how can the Hero Fix the damage they have caused if possible.
(any other details to add just let me know.)

Feel free to submit monster creation. However I know that I can change the colour of them. That is all I would like to change just the color...If you don't want me to do that, then stay away from dark colours, the only reason I ask is because we have been condition to think the Black, dark skin, dark colors are evil and creepy....anyway...

* State how the monster attacks? (does it only go for a specific body part like the head, does it shoot things.)
* Does it regenerate/ grow or change when low on health?
*Monster summary (anything you believe you should add)
* How does it move? if it even does.... (how would like me to animate it in the game)
* Feel free to post texutres for monsters, or if you walking down the street and hear a noise that would think would be cool for a monster feel free to record it and post an audio recording or sound file in a journal so I can use it.
*HOW do you kill it, and what is it weakness?


Feel free to post clothing models, or meshes etc... or clothing designs illustrations (for a certain species or in general), Jewellery, Accessories etc. and I will or others will render make 3D models of it to put in the game.
Marvelous Designer is a good software to use.

Feel free to post weapons/powers/shields ideas.
Make sure to state:
*how does it cause damage?
*How would you like me to animate the character with it...or how does the character move it (does is jab, or does he pull a trigger)
*FLAME THROWERS (enough said)
* does it belong to something (monster, human, alley, species)
*Any other info you feel the need to add. :D

If you wanna be a MOD let me know. :D Thanks and have fun!
Also feel free to rewrite this Group info for me. :D
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