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Waiting for Inspiration

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Waiting for Inspiration (sketch) by LateCustomer

My second attempt at a more painter-like style.  I have a loooong way to go.  I'm thinking of looking into picking up SAI or something.  As much as I love my old Photoshop, I think it might be time to find some new tools.
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This is me every time I WANT to draw.  The inspiration often hits me when I can't in class. xD
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Just start doodling, whatever comes.  You may surprise yourself.
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Haha inspiring advice indeed.  I'll get to it~ ^^
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Looks wonderful!!! Love that pose and face, too! :love: :love: :love:
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some interesting, babe?
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We can only wonder.
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This is awesome! I just love her expression XD Ahh I'm like that all the time.
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When I was much younger, I'd lay in my bed with my sketch pad, doodling away and waiting for inspiration as well.  I'm sure I didn't look anything like this though... wrong species and gender XD.
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Rarity is so cayoot in this 10/10 would look at again ^^
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Rarity: *sigh* I usually get hundreds of ideas a minute, but now... I feel that something is bothering me... I can't concentrate a single second without thinking about it.... What should I do? Is it that stupid romance novel that Twilight gave me yesterday which I threw in the corner who is taking all my thoughts? It can't be. I'm too busy of those frivolities... *deep breath* This is nothing.... it already happened to me.... this is just a block and.... What was the title again... *gasp* I'm thinking again about this stupid book? My sales are slow right now and I need to create new design to attract new costumers! Not reading a chapter of desperate love and fanta- *gasp* I'm doing it again! Why? WHY????? I must work. I must concentrate. CON-CEN-TRA-TE RARITY! FO-CUS! You have to come with something bold, something daring, something... something... literate... *groan* Fine! I'll read that stupid book, since I can't get out of my system....
Couple of hours later.....
Twilight: Rarity? Are you busy... What are doing on you couch and.... that amount of ice cream and chocolate...
Rarity: Wouah!
T: Uh.... what's going on?
R: W-what's going on? I'll tell you what's going on.. That... that stupid stallion broke that mare's heart...
T: Umm... What stallion? I don't see any...
R: I can't believe he could be so cruel and do something this despicable after what she.... she did to her....
T: Uh.... Rarity? I don't follow....
R: And now..... NOW! She is too stupid to see the reality and...
R: Y-yes Twilight?
T: Who are these ponies you are talking about? I would have known already about such events to have happened....
R: Oh! Sorry, darling. I... think I put too much thought about this book you gave me...
T: Huh? Oh! That book! Well, you asked something to read and romantic.
R: Twilight! There is nothing romantic in that book!
T: Oh! You'll see. *grin* The best part is in the chapter.... Uh... Pfew! That was close. Spike warned me I tend to "spoil" the ending...
R: Huh? What about the rest?
T: You'll have to read it yourself. But... didn't you have to make a dress for somepony today, Rarity? You asked me for this book to help you out...
R: Well.... *nervous laugh* Yes... but I got a block. Inspiration wasn't coming and.... that book called me Twilight! It called me!!!! To read it! So I couldn't resist a little break...
T: Knowing that you begin to work pretty early... You must have read for hours now. When the dress is due?
R: Today at five. Why? *she looked at the clock* WHAT???? It is that late?
T: Unless you can make a dress in less than two hours...
R: What can I do.... what can I do?
T: I could help you if you...
R: No. It won't be necessary.
T: Huh? What do you mean?
R: I'll tell her the truth: I though all day about making her the best dress and I just need another day to finish it. *she brought the book in front of her eyes* That way, I'll have time to finish to read this novel and finish the dress... Hey!
Twilight took the boo with her own telekinesis and put her under her right wing.
T: No. I won't let you lie by selfishness.
R: WHAT?!?
T: You have a small amount of time, I agree with you, but I know that you can do it and under lot of pressure. With some help from a friend, you can realize the impossible. I'll keep the book until then.
R: *groan* You are right. What's going with me? I was going to lie to a very good client just.... for reading a book? A stupid book?
T: Uh... books are not so stu-
R: But without an idea I can't..... *gasp* I-D-E-A!!! Quick Twilight...
T: Yes? How can I help?
R: ... go fetch Fluttershy, please.
T: What? Why Flutter....
R: She is better at sewing than you. *Twilight glared at her* What? It's true! Please, go ask her for help for me. Please?
T: *sigh* Alright... *she trotted to the door*
R: Excellent! Thank you Twilight. I'll make the sketched while you're gone. Oh! By the way Twilight...
T: *she stopped and look over her shoulder* What?
R: Thank you!
T: You are welcome...
R: Oh! Last thing...
T: What.
R: You better bring that book back.
T: Don't worry, I'll.... *Rarity was frowning and glaring at her* I'll... go get Fluttershy now... *she trotted to the door, opened it and gone outside while closing it slowly*

I hope you like this little story based on your drawing. Wonderful work on this piece. It shows how beautiful Rarity is.
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Woo! I inspired something!

*dances a little jig*

Thank you for writing this :)
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i am also well kkk
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aren't we all  
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