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Trixie In Over-sized Sweater

The Great and Powerful Trixie deserves a Great and Powerful Over-sized Sweater!

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Oversized sweater-hoodie at that, and it looks really good with her hat...!
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I hereby surrender myself to the cuteness.
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The Great and Powerful Trixie accepts your submission!
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she looks adorable
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Awwwww... Great and Powerful Hipster, I think.
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That expression is perfect! 
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Aaaaaw yiiiiiis.
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Squee!! I'd love to have a hoodie sweater like that! ^_^  Cute Trixie. :D
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I should sell sweaters XD
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Throws money at screen.. Where's my Trixie sweater??! XD **giggles**
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La Gran Poderosa y Calientita Trixie!!
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Y muy linda.

"Linda" means "cute", right?
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You are totally right, I love your art, nsfw is sooo Great and Powerful!!!! Hug Huggle! Clap 
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Trixie: The Great and Powerful Trixie always look cute in any clothing. Not just in large sweaters.
-Uh, are you sure about that?
T: Yes! Why I would not?
-So, you look cute with a dress?
T: Well, yes. Why are you asking?
-You wear a nice dress to look cute instead of being pretty?
T: Um. When you think that way....
-And I mean not only in a dress. In a hospital gown for example. Or when you are wearing a uniform. And they would say "What a cute worker."
T: What? No! I don't want them to...
-Heh. When you think about it... Perhaps that's how people think of you when you are wearing your cape and hat.
T: What? No way!
- *chuckle* The Great and Cute Trixie! Sounds right, now?
T: Very funny.
-Or the Cute and Powerful Trixie seems to sound even better.
T: Stop it.
-The Great and Powerful cuteness?
T: Stop it!
-I got it! I got it! The Great and Powerfully cute Trixie!
-What? That doesn't sound good?
T: NO! I mean... yes, but.... *shakes her head* I already have a title and I will keep it that way!
-Okay. So?
T: What?
-The cute Trixie loves her sweater?
T: Shut up.
-I knew you would.

BEautiful work
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Stop messing with her head XD
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Heh. She just have to accept her cuteness. Ask Dash.
DoctorsDelorean4evr's avatar
Dash is too stubborn to admit it though xD
cajobif's avatar
I know. That's why I wrote a couple of stories based on that.
DoctorsDelorean4evr's avatar
You wrote stories? Like full stories?
cajobif's avatar
Short stories.
DoctorsDelorean4evr's avatar
Huh,sounds interesting
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