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The Bannermares (and dragon)

My entry to The Royalty Contest held by :iconponies-for-everypony:

"Princess Celestia's bannermares welcome you to their favorite table on this Hearth's Warming eve. They've just returned from their latest adventure with plenty of tales to tell, and they would love to hear of your own exploits as well. Have a seat next to Sir Spike and Lady Dash, you're in good company."


An excuse to draw the Mane Six and Spike wearing mail armors in a tavern? Yes please!

I tried to make sure that the composition and color choices made the scene warm and inviting to the viewer. There's a place at the table just for the viewer, the colors for the mares and spike are brighter versions of their show colors to make the table bright and cheery. I used orange and brown as the main color of the scene to make everything warm. I hope it all works.

UPDATE: Uploaded a larger rez version of this image.
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A legion of adorable doofuses. Doofi? Doofodes?
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This is fantastic! The table is very well-decorated! And the food looks delicious! :D

The Mane 6 and Spike, they all look awesome, beautiful and very welcoming! :D

I wanna join them all! :la:
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They're beckoning you over.
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Based on RPG Tales!
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Nah, just kidding. They're good to go.
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They did.  But they don't do much for them anymore.
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Thanks. This is an old favorite of mine :D
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skyrim vibe over here
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Skyrim. DnD. Any generic medieval fantasy reference would work, I think :D
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hehe, im a massive skyrim fan! (as well as roleplaying a multiverse traveller on many a site, this one included!)
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You're massive skyrim fanclub?
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they are incredible!!!:) beautiful work!!!
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you're welcome:)
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Dragon's Crown.  Dragon's Crown.  Why can't I get the Dragon's Crown vibe outta my head just by looking at this?
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Never played it. Was it any good?
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It's similar to Dungeons and Dragons, exclusive to the PlayStation brand.
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Shame. Curious enough to try. Not enough to buy a PS3/4
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YouTube it.  It's also on Vita.
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But I want to PLAY it, not watch someone else play it XD   Thanks for the suggestion, though.
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Just wanna give you an idea on what the gameplay is.  :P
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Hi, Late. I really liked this post.
I made them take part of my saga.
I became interested enough clothes for them and I wonder if I could use them in my saga.
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