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Tea and Sweets with Chrysalis and Celestia

This was made for a friend of mine as payment for his help, so I guess it's TECHNICALLY a commission.  Still, I really enjoyed this and he's given me permission to make prints of this for future cons, so bonus!

Chrysalis' expression here is by far one of my favorite expressions I've drawn in a while. It's just perfect to me :)

Thank you all who watched me draw this live, especially NadnerbD for helping me out with Celestia's eyes not quite matching up to the angle of her head... the struggle!
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Do u do commishs? How much if so?
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I do, and it really depends on what you're after. Feel free to send me a note here or on Twitter and we can discuss it.
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is this why Celestia rarely seen? Princess Celestia Icon Profile  MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam 
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You made characters in the show 20% cuter, even the foe.
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Aww... thank you.
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Icing nose? Now thats funny.
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This is adorable :3
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why does this look like it could have been in one of those cute mlp comics?
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I don't know, but i really appreciate the sentiment. :)
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you welcome :D
It's super cute and you are a really great artist ^^
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pretty damn cute *flails*
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This is quite adorable!
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Celestia: You know Chrysalis, for a queen thirsting power and love, you can be quite adorable.
Chrysalis: What?

Awesome work. True, Celestia. True.
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Maybe she found an easier (and more acceptable) way of getting the love her people needs?
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I wish. But so far the comics shows that she didn't change. Forget her shipping with Fluffle Puff. She still remain villain of first order. I know the the comics are not canon, but we haven't seen elsewhere since her defeat in the show.

Yet, people like to draw her cute and kind. Blame her beauty and charm.
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Your style of drawing ponies is some of the most enjoyable looking around, and it's put to great use with scenes like these! :D Superbly cute watching Chrysie getting acquainted with the formalities of royal sweets, nailed both Princess's quite perfectly indeed :3

Gorgeous work in all! piece to be proud of :clap:
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Thanks, man.  I always love hearing what you have to say, and I appreciate it.  I hope Christmas treated you well, and the new year treats you even better.

Also, on a selfish note, here's hoping we get to see some Joey-Darkmeat sketches sometime soon.
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