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Spike in Oversized Sweater

By LateCustomer
He had to get one as well!
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Adorable! I had to pick up a print of this at BABSCon!
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Of course he deserved one as well. :)
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Toasty dragon, inside and out!
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What would the ponies be without Spike?
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Good for you, Spike is overlooked too much! Especially this past season.
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I love the little guy.  I just feel like the writers sometimes don't know what to do with him.  It's like, Twilight and Spike have only so much common sense between them.  Sometimes the dial is set to Twilight, and Spike is comedy relief.  Others, it's set on Spike, making Twi a total spaz, but Spike is shown to do what he is supposed to do, be a stabalizing force for his best friend.

TL;DR- I love little Spike, and hope to see better things for him in Season 8.
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:3 D'aww cute Spike! heh so funny, that sweater's too big for him ^_^
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The ponies are super cute in their oversized sweaters, but somehow, the smaller something is, the cuter it looks in anything oversized.  That seems to be the case for Spike.  He just needs a Santa hat that goes over his eyes like silly babies wear, and I'd die of cuteness.  <3
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Cuddly dragon! X3
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"Cool! I always wanted one!"
"You do?"
"Yeah. They are warm and comfy."
"Even if you look silly in it?"
"Well, that's the whole point of wearing one, isn't?"
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"More like.... cute."
"Heh. I'm always cute. Ask Twilight."
"Are you making this up?"
"Hey! Are you implying that I'm lying?"
"Nah. I'm pretty sure it's true. I bet that's what Rarity would think too."
"D-do you think she only think of me as... cute?"
"Mmm. Can't say."
"I got to wear something more cool..."
"Whoa! Whoa! Calm down! Don't worry. Rarity also wore a.... Oh."
"Uh... Want to wear a shirt instead?"
"N-nothing. You're cute as a button and that's all matter."
"... um..."

And I had to wrote one as well. Beautiful work
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Yes! You included Spike in this adorable series. :D
LateCustomer's avatar
Yep!  I have several already lined up, just need to be colored in :D
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I love how, instead of holly leaves or some such, you gave him little green flames.
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now we just need an Ember in a sweater 
LateCustomer's avatar
She's alread drawn, just needs to be colored XD
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Sooooooooooooooo cute :D
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It's good to see Spike getting some love.
LateCustomer's avatar
He deserves a lot more than he gets.
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