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Pinkie Sleepy Time

After I finished my last pony drawing of Rainbow Dash, I realized that I haven't really given Pinkie Pie her due. Rather than draw her doing something "Pinkie Pie", I thought it'd be nice to see her recharging her batteries. Add a little Gummy sleeping on Pinkie's mane for added cuteness.

:icondracowolf0-0: did a mini-sculpt, check it out:

:iconanttosik: extended the picture to make it wallpaper sized:
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The rest of the mane 6 will not sleep this adorable.

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This is way too adorable :3
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her mane must be a comfy place for Gummy ^^
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I wander if RainbowDash is sleeping on a cloud above her, seeing one of her feathers here.
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Entirely up to you.
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And old fave of mine :)
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i gess RD was there based on the blue feather 
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Cannot confirm nor deny.
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Little guy's tired.
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:sleep: Fun *snore* Fun *snore* Fun *snore* Fun
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THat's about right.
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Wish I knew Pinkie personally. Well, person to get what I mean.
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(It's like me in the morning)
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This is such a sweet scene, love it ^_^
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Gummi is eating her hair, and now he has a pink mustache Literally the most adorable thing. x')
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Gummy is one of my favorite pets.
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