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Lyra's Winter Night

Lyra Heartstrings, next to Ditzy/Derpy, is likely my favorite background pony. I can only imagine what she's playing in this pic.

UPDATE: I JUST noticed this was incorrectly labeled as a vector piece. CLEARLY, it's not, and I just fixed that. My bad.
I also uploaded a higher rez version of this image.
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it's good lyra on bench in night

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The most cutest, most beautiful and most talented I see Lyra as is playing her lyre, which explains her cutie mark.
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love it very much(。ò ∀ ó。)!!!
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This is HEARTWARMING!!!!! Thanks for making such beautiful pic!
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Aww... thank you.  I'm glad you like it.
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Beautiful. Love it cuz well Lyra is my #1 fav bg pony anyway ^w^
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Then it's a win :D
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Thanks. It's an old favorite.
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She's actually sitting straight up this time. I guess it's hard playing the lyre when you're slouching. 
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Slouching wasn't working for me.  Not that a sitting pony really makes much more sense to me :D
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Did I not see this before? It's so awesome!
And pretty. I love the effect uh stuff.
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Well, you found it now, so no worries XD.
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