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Lyra Moontrotter

Finished version of this:

Kept it simple, nothing special.
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Now the only thing she need, is a Volvo Globetrotter :D
I think it's her color :P…
LateCustomer's avatar
Not sure if cool or awesome.
HawkHurricane's avatar
Not bad, I have to say...
The first thought when I saw one: "Hell, this could eat my Fiesta" XD
Koiyuki's avatar
This reminds me of a song.

Bonnie Are You OK
So, Bonnie Are You OK
Are You OK Bonnie
You've Been Hit By
You've Been Struck By
A Smooth Criminal
M4mm4n's avatar
BlackBlood100's avatar
Looks fantastic! :D 

MJ would be proud! :D :D 
karkovice1's avatar
The late great Michael Jackson would be proud! :)
LisaWolf's avatar
It looks very good now that it is finished. :) I like it
LisaWolf's avatar
Your welcome :)
OutlawQuadrant's avatar
Lyra Moonwalker, future halftime performer of the next Super Bowl. Make it so.
LateCustomer's avatar
But... I have no say in the Superb Owl's half-time entertainment choices.
Headlock1-0's avatar
It must happen XD
yaluckyboy09's avatar
she's a Smooth Criminal, because she just stole my heart
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While I figure Moonwalking is (literally) Luna's domain, there's no doubt that Lyra's got the moves to keep up.  I love it!
LateCustomer's avatar
No reason music poni can't also dance.
monkeyhero0's avatar
Lyra, the best moonwalker ever :XD:
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