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Lighting the Way

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I'm currently on a week's vacation from my day job, so I was able to sit down and get something done for fun, yay!

In the very first rough draft, I had Spike and Twilight in a very dark Everfree forest, and then I realized that almost every drawing I've done recently for myself has them in a forest... so they ended up in the ruins of an old, forgotten place (maybe the Sister's old castle?)

And just for RainbowPlasma, it's 16 x 9!

Finished version of this: Twi and Spike Exploring (work in progress) by LateCustomer
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I can see Spike is nervous...he's grabbing Twilight.:) (Smile) 
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Maybe both are a little nervous.
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Not good... but not bad.
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And thus they discoverd the chamber of the holy grail :icondramaticplz:
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Dun  duuun DUUUUUNNNN!!!
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And the Spike ate it :D
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Woah...!!! This looks fantastic!!! And quite mysterious, too! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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I was in an adventure-y mood.
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:icontwilightomfgplz: F– F– Fluttershy?

:iconblacksquareplz: . . .
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I'm... so... confused...
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This picture makes me really wish this was a full comic. :)
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If I had the time XD
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The style strongly reminds me of the mlp ff comics.
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I consider myself a cartoonist more than anything else... so thanks!
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wow! This looks really cool! :D
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now in your sketch you talked about the ink. is this all traditional? 

Or did you put in the color digitally? 
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