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Hayburger, Ponyville's favorite burger joint.

I may end up posting the step by step versions here later, but here they are on my tumblr if you're interested:…
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Bon Bon, Lyra Heartstrings, and Derpy in one photo? You’ve officially brought together three of my favorite background ponies!
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"Welcome to Hayburger, home of the Hayburger, can I take your order?!"

Man, I love that movie, I love this show, and I love this artwork. Great job! ^_^ 
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Thank you!

And while I doubt I could eat the hay patties... perhaps they have a rolled oat and veggie patty option?
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I wouldn't be surprised.  I think you can actually have more options with all these natural meatless products haha. But what do I know? I dont' live in Equestria. Yet. :P 
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Yet..?  Let me know how to get there if you figure it out.
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I sure will! I'll give you exact coordinates to the portal and everything!  

And holy crap how did I forget that we had this thread....and holy crap how did I forget you're the one who made this piece?

It's a small [pony] world~ O.o 
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Thank you.  I personally love this one.
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the way you draw the faces makes them so cute X3
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Aww... thank you :)
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So, unicorns can actually eat a burger without getting messy.

I just realized that.

Think about the implications!
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*tries to think about the implications. draws a blank*

I got nuthin'.
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I LOVE the way you draw hair!
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Thanks!  I enjoy drawing their hair :D
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so incredible i love them!!♥♥
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