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Fluttershy in Over-sized Sweater

By LateCustomer
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I just want to scoop her up and hug her!

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She so adorable 
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Awww so adorable :)
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Fluttershy's not here. She's in Sweater Town.
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"Are you gonna come out of Sweater Town?"
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One question.... did Rarity make the sweaters? if so.... why are they over-sized? it is cute on Flutters but Pinkie is happy and Twilight and AJ is like::meh:  and rainbow is like: Celestia hates Luna  and rarity is like:eeh ... no  and so on but I love this one
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I mean, I didn't think about who made them :)
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Hah, she seems a bit shy about this. :)
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It's alright to be shy,I think everyone is a little bit
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I'd gently hug her and tell her she was the cutest pony ever with a warm smile on my face
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So she would go from yellow to crimson in no time flat.
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Yea,can ya blame her though?
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Super cute!! Man, I'm itching to make/buy my Fluttershy plushy a hoodie. She'd look soooo cute in it!
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Dude, man. Do it!
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LOL, I'm a girl, but yeah, one day. 
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My fluttorable meter has broken... so has the back-up and now the back-up of that back-up. I'll need your address so I can bill you. :D
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I take no responsibility for damages incurred while viewing this pony.
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"Oh my... D-did I just get smaller or... Discord! Is that you again?
-Dear Fluttershy, this sweater was crafted to be oversized.
"Oh. But why?"
-Oh. For the specific goal to make you look... cute. And I can attest it attained its goal.
"Was if for you?"
-Only me? Not exactly. Is was for those one the other side of the screen... or what Pinkie exactly call the fourth wall.
"B-but Pinkie told me there was many many strange monkey like creature watching... us.... Oh my goodness!"
-Yeah. I guess many have "d'awww" you so far.
"...... I ..... I feel so exposed...."
-Even if you are actually wear something?
"Oh my goodness! I won't be able to be naked again knowing that.... *shivers*"
-Want me to destroy their evil machines?
"Y-you could do that? For me?"
-Well... I can try...
"Mmm.... Let me think..."
-You better hurry, I'm the impatient kind.

Wonderful work
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