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Fluttershy Bath

Nothing like starting the day with a nice warm bath

I'm starting to wish I didn't put that bottle in the pic as it plainly shows my serious lack of design skills. I avoided labeling it as any words seemed to instantly distract from the rest of the image. That's the one real problem I have with this image, anything else is just nit-picking on my part (like that water drop... it looks like it's on the sill and not the faucet).

Now that I got that out of the way... I'm rather pleased with how this pic looks. Man... now I want to take a nice hot bath.
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Goodness. Super-pretty-flutter-butter.
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Do you do requests
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No requests, sorry.
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OK thanks it's okay
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Thats not just bubbles, gas bubbles. ;)
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Such fluttery sweetness! Oh my~
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This is amazing. I really like the mood, it's perfectly calm and harmonic. Now I want to take a bath too..
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Hot baths are wonderful!
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Fluttershy is usually such a bundle of nerves when we see her in the show, so it is always nice to see her relax.
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Hot baths are my favorite way of relaxing :D
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This looks so wonderful!!! Fluttershy seems to enjoy baths... :meow: :meow: :meow:
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Hot baths are some of life's best small pleasures!
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Aww, Fluttie is so cuuute... :aww:
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Yeah, I know that feeling. Even though I haven't taken an actual bath in years, I still like a nice, hot shower from time to time. Gotta appreciate the little things.
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Hot baths are one of my favorite things.
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