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Dreams and Reality, Page 1 - Commission

By LateCustomer
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"Things don't always happen as we planned, but that doesn't mean that we should ever stop reaching for the sky." - Aric Y. Harris

:iconayujih: Commissioned by Ayujih. My thanks to him for providing such a sweet and touching story to work on.


NEXT PAGE: [link]
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Snaha00's avatar
Wow! Sooooo cute! :3 I really like dis!~
LateCustomer's avatar
Glad you like it :)  Had a lot of fun drawing this for the commissioner.
Snaha00's avatar
:D Well that's great if you had fun!~
Keep up the good work!~
DracoDei's avatar
When  I first saw this, I thought it might be a page of the official comics.
LateCustomer's avatar
I can only imagine what that'd be like XD
steadygait's avatar
A really cute comic showing a determined Scootaloo and a side of Dashie we rarely see?  Whats not to love?

Another amazing comic from this fandom.  You two did a great job on this.  The story is heartwarming, and feels like something the show would do, if they ever decided to go into something as dark as disabilities.  The pacing was excellent, and the message great.

The art style is great, close to the show, but with the addition of shading.  It fits the cuteness of the ponies well, and looks excellent.  The facial expressions are all perfect.  I especially love Scootaloo's look of determination when training, and her despair at the doctor's office.

This is really great, I love this comic so much!  Thank you both for doing this.
LateCustomer's avatar
Thanks, man. I'm glad :devAyuji: gave me the chance to work on this.  It's one of the more personally rewarding things I've done.  Also, it looks like MLP's fourth season will be touching on Scootaloo's inability to fly, so we'll see what happens there.
Fetch26291's avatar
Found the story on fimfiction this artwork goes to
ayujih's avatar
Yeah, I was surprised to find out that someone had taken the time to write a story for this. I'm glad that you found it as well.
LateCustomer's avatar
Well, glad you found it :)
Bongosderevelion's avatar
excelente trabajo, te saluda el brony mas austral del mundo
LateCustomer's avatar
Muchas gracias. Espero que todo este bien asta ya en el sur.
TaxRevenue's avatar
Fucking awesome. :D
HungrySohma's avatar
Nice quote and opening page! woot! >w<
LateCustomer's avatar
Except, initially, folks thought it was a stand-alone image XD
HungrySohma's avatar
Thats true, I thought that as well at first. x3
Geechan1's avatar
Welp. Time to read.
LateCustomer's avatar
But there's no words, what will you read?
Geechan1's avatar
That statement was not meant to be taken literally. :P
LateCustomer's avatar
But... but... aww...
tigreanpony's avatar
*Commence read* Comments will follow after .
LateCustomer's avatar
Good luck, young traveller
10art1's avatar
This is awesome ^.^

Also I tried to do cell shading like you do. [link] any criticisms?
LateCustomer's avatar
Sure, check your notes :)
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