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Cutie Mark Carollers, YAY

By LateCustomer
Will they get their cutie marks for singing in the snow?  Probably not.

Thanks to THAT1ANDONLY for naming this piece as I was without my naming Kired25 today.
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"Jingle Bells, Luna Yells
Then Cadence jumped on the chariot,
And whooshed far away...!"
This song is stuck in my head!!
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Aww, this is the cutest thing! ^ ^
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Better cut back then. Can't have too much cute in my diet.
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"Joy to the world, Tiara's dead. We barbequed her head. And what about the body? We flushed it down the potty. And round and round it goes, and round and round it goes. And round and round and round it goes."
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I wonder what Nelson Muntz would look like as a pony?
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Picture is cute, but those Appleblooms' rear hooves are weird... Looks like much shorter than Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. But picture is awesome :D
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Huh. Okay, something to keep an eye on in the future. Thank you.
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No problem, mister :)
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maybe Sweetie bell would get her CM.
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I would not shut the door on these three
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Not sure anyone in the fandom would.
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You'd be surprised how people hate carollers. 
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Probably.  I live in L.A., in what's essentially an urban area, so carolers are non-existent for me.
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