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Chicken Celestia and... Sluna?

By LateCustomer
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Must say I really enjoyed drawing these two :D

Commissioned by :iconssguy:

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KyoshyuHobbyist General Artist
But Luna is not for noms. D:
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snowmiser23Student Artist
Gasp Will so luna is a Slug and Celestia is a Chicken hmmm but are they still sisters yet they are a diferent breed now? :o
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I don't normally like slithering slimy invertebrate, but this one being Luna, I can make an exception ;). Also, Celestia is one cute chick!
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LateCustomer Digital Artist
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wait you take commissions? D:
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LateCustomer Digital Artist
I sure do!

At the moment I may need to slow them down while working on stuff for Nightmare Nights, but I do take them :D
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Go chicken gooo!
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O_o.... ah bet Tia hatched me before Twiley... >8)
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This is so silly and I love it.
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LateCustomer Digital Artist
I loved the idea so much I just had to draw it :D
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"Isn't this clucking funny, Luna?"
"No, not at all!"
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Lunaug is 200% adorable.
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LateCustomer Digital Artist
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This is just too cute :D
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Oh I'm very curious how you made this.
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LateCustomer Digital Artist
Any specific questions?  I try to stream commissions as much as possible, and that might help out.

I generally sketch things out with as much detail as I can without going nuts, then ink everything, lay down base colors, do some color editing, and finally use a mask to color in the black lines (if it's going to be a colored line drawing).
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Ah yes I have several.

How exactly do you draw Celestia and Luna as different species? I've always wondered this when artist do this sort of thing as the transition from equine to whatever it's not a smooth one.

What was your reaction to this idea there commissioner gave you? Have you ever done anything like this before?
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LateCustomer Digital Artist
Well, the commissioner had a few ideas already, and I looked up as many references as I could stand.  I took the ideas the commissioner sent and made a few personal tweaks of my own using the references... and it worked out :D

When I was given the idea, I felt I had to do it.  Felt super cute and off the wall, I couldn't pass it up :D
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Wow that's interesting. I would've liked to see how the conversation over it went. I just like seeing how the process that forms the idea into what it is. I guess you've seen a few other drawings of the characters in different forms huh?
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
scoots we found your mother

who would of guessed she was part slug.
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist
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NicolasDominiqueProfessional Artist
so silly xD
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LateCustomer Digital Artist
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