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Chewier Than Expected



Bon Bon: Dis is chewiuh den egspekted.
Lyra: *giggle*
Bon Bon: ...Yew tampehd wid it, didn'd yew?
Lyra: *pfft!* Whaaat? No... ... maybe...

Okay, so I tried doing something other than my usual hard line inks and shading.  I feel like I was bumbling through every step of the way.  My hat's off to the artists who can do this method of 'painting' really well, and make it look easy.  Still, it vaguely looks like I wanted it to, so... yay!

Special thanks to:
:iconsilverrainclouds: for coming up with the idea
:iconkired25: for his tips and suggestions (and naming the damn thing)
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Aww those two need an episode