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Ironwoman Color pencil

By Latchunga
Hey everyone, 

After posting the line work 3 weeks ago, here is the colored (almost) finished work ! I say almost because I'll maybe do the background for once ^^ But this isn't sure at all. I might start a new drawing tonight haha. Tell me in the comments if you want me to try to do the background

Here is the line work
Irongirl by Latchunga 

I colored it with Faber-Castell color pencils. The line work took me around 2 hours and the color work about 10 to 14 hours, I think. It was quite long because of all he details on it. 

I wanted to make a focus on felt tip versus colored pencils, and what better than captain VS ironman for this kind of matchup :p (Lick) . So here is the first so you can compare^^
Captain america girl  by Latchunga 

he original idea is from an artist called NeoArtCorE (pretty amazing stuff), go give love  ;) (Wink)
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Fantastic and expertly crafted. The colors are vivid and the shadows and metallic look are incredible. It's amazing how well you made her face! One thing though is the breast area shouldn't have those "boob socks" that I reaffirm them to where the female costume is so tight and measure so well that the costume designer made exact measurements to her breast size and width even though breasts are not that symmetrical and precise. So for future reference make it like armor plate over the chest area to make it more real and practical! But overall fantastic and keep up the good work!
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Yeah it is true that this hole isn't really realistic, but it is just a fantasy drawing, so we can allow that ^^
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Fine by me then :D
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Magnificent work in color pencils!!Thumbs Up 
May I ask you what kind of paper do you use?
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Thank you :) 

This on a regular white paper 100g/m² from a A5 Canson notebook 
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Many thanks my friend for answerint my question.Hug 
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It's normal, and you're very welcome :)
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That was interesting to compare the original art and your version. You know, you're pretty good at drawing using references, a very accurate and beautiful result. I hope the original artist doesn't mind about such kind of copies^^;. Here's a lot of details and I love how you shown metal textures, beautiful and shiny:thumbsup:
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Well thank you ;) 

I hope he don't mind, but it is a redraw, not a reupload, plus I Give credits to the original artist every times, so I think it is ok. I mean if someone redraw one of my drawings, it doesn't bother me as long as he gives me credit for the original art :)
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Ironman as a girl 
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This is really cool!
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Thank you very much :)
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Thanks a lot my friend :)
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Thank you this is nice :)
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Cool work! Like this one:3
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good shading especially the metallic surface:)
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