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Galactic Celestia

You guys made a great decision, I really love this style of her!

The wallpaper is available in: 3840 x 2160p64bit

Copyright: You may not reproduce or edit my artwork in any way without my written permission.
Artwork usage: You are allowed to use this artwork as long as you credit me.
All constructive criticisms / comments / feedback / suggestions are welcomed!


Galaxy Mane Celestia by xebck

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I own nothing but the background.
All the resources belong to their rightful owners.
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3840x2160px 45.36 MB
© 2018 - 2021 LaszlVFX
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She’s beautiful .
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What next, Celestia Luna self boop?
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I don't know. The selfboop series is already done.
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I love that galaxy pattern in her mane! Nice!:) (Smile) +fav Heart 
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If she is the ruler of... i don't know, Galactic Empire of Equestria now (isn't she like Palpatine lol?), is she able to raise a supermassive black hole instead of just sun over a planet?
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Possibly, she rules the galaxy now...
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Oh, wow!! I always thought she was pretty before, but THIS...!
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She just went next level!
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OMG what an amazing design! I love all the little details everywhere. there's so much detail it amazes me, though there is a problem, the gradient on the wings and the lines and all that, it kiinda looks like you got a gradient tool with an unfitting colour and used it there, don't get me wrong though that's all I can find that I don't like here, the background is one of the most detailed I've ever seen! God job man! ^-^, I'll definitely be leaving a favourite on this one.
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I don't own the Celestia vector used on the artwork but the background is purely my own work. 
Thanks for the feedback!
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Even if you don't own the vector the background itself is a spectacle, I like the sheer level of detail, I'll reach that someday and it'll look amazing ^-^, I really do admire the level of detail.
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Thank You so much! Yeah, I've been drawing backgrounds like that since 2015.
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More specifically that's when I started, learning how to draw these background.
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Neat, I wish I could draw background like that XD, and I probably will someday. Maybe 1 or 2 years down the line.
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Don't give up hope!
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